CC For Sale: Chrysler VG Valiant Convertible – “$10,000 Wow!”

Tristan Hankins uploaded something a bit different to the Cohort; this Chrysler Valiant VG (1970-1971) convertible, for sale, no less. And you should know it’s a mighty rare beast, as in one of a kind, as this is a custom made conversion. There never was a factory convertible of this car; just about every Australian, car, for that matter. Me thinks it’s a bit too sunny for ideal top-down motoring. That mangled looking top behind the rear seat rather gives that away.

And don’t be put off by that price; it’s a mere $6,407 US dollars. What are you waiting for?

Here’s what it would have looked like on a previous gen VF hardtop before it had its roof shorn: now you recognize it; it’s a Dart, with a bit of front end work. This generation of Chrysler A Body didn’t come as a convertible in the US either, unlike its predecessor. Which means there was no ready source for the convertible roof.   The ’67 – ’69 Dart was available as a convertible.

As to what’s under the hood,  a 225 slant six in the above VF and early VG or a 215 or 245 “hemi” six in the VG or a 318 LA V8 in either series.