CC For Sale: The 1969 Brougham House – Palm Springs ‘Grand Ville’ Virtually Untouched Since New

(first posted 12/19/2016)    Hows this for a genuine brougham-style bathroom? Wouldn’t this cheer you up in the morning? Just don’t miss when you take a pee.

This 1969 Palm Springs house is a genuine time capsule, virtually unchanged from the day it was built in 1969, except for the kitchen (sadly).  It’s for sale ($835,000), and the full listing and more pictures are here, but I just had to share some of these with you. Truly broughamtastic! 

That bathroom obviously is part of the master suite.

Even the tv looks original.

Here’s the dressing room, or makeup room, or the fine art gallery.

The Grand Ville living room.

And from the other side.

The well-padded bar.

In the den.

Love that padded edge on the table. Baby-proof? Or designed to catch spills?

The guest bedroom?

The kids’ bedroom? Naw; no kids ever lived here.

The rather spartan guest bathroom.

The dining room.

Those chairs are simply to die for. They look like they’re from the Emerald City in Wizard of Oz.



The outside isn’t much to look at, although the ironwork looks impressive.

So what cars are you going to buy to park in the double garage?