CC For Sale: VW Karmann Ghia w/180hp Turbocharged Corvair Engine – “Parts”(?) $50

Here’s something a little different, but then it is in San Francisco. It’s quite honestly described as “A 1970’s Sci-fi experiment gone awry”. But this mutilated KG has a 180hp Corvair turbo engine, and there’s pics of a 140hp version too. So does “$50” cover all of it, or?

Here’s the text of the ad:

Parting out this Ghia. Was configured to do some serious Baja work. A 1970’s Sci-fi experiment gone awry, it has a Bug rear seat, massive rear tires, and the fastest engine (180 turbo charged) Corvairs ever had. The body is rusty like is was driven through the ocean. The pan is actually solid. The interior is nice too. This one has not been run in a long time but it rolls and steers. Value is in the engine and parts but if you want to enter it in the Concours de Lemons, you will probably win. OR USE THE RUNNING GEAR AND CHASSIS FOR A SPEEDSTER PROJECT. Or, if you make it run you can take it or some air. The top is fiberglass but the fenders are all steel. Also, it has a 4 point rollbar in it.This is great if you’re trying to fix a Ghia. Calls only please.

Here’s a shot of that 140 hp Corvair mill, in the back of a pickup. If all this goes for $50, it’s the steal of a lifetime. I’m probably reading it wrong.