CC Outtake: 1954 Monarch Lucerne Convertible – Off to the Gas Station

I stopped by Mathews Memory Lane Motors today to check out their inventory of Curbside Classics. As usual I was a kid in a candy store with so many tempting old cars and absolutely no way to afford any of them. However, I am only one winning lottery ticket away from amassing a beautiful collection of cool cars, so it pays to look.

Today I found this beautiful 1954 Monarch convertible that was on its way to the gas station. I don’t know anything about this car since I’m more of a photographer than an automotive expert, but I’m sure many of you folks out there will have some interesting info about this beautifully restored Canadian import.

The full ad for the car can be seen here

(ED: the Monarch was the upscale brand for Canadian Ford dealers to sell, and was typically based on the Mercury. In 1954, the Ford Monarch actually outsold the real Mercury in Canada. The video and ad are incorrect in calling this a “Mercury Monarch”; it’s just a Monarch, but it would be relatively more correct to call it a Ford Monarch, as it was only sold at Ford dealers and not at Mercury dealers)