CC Outtake: Chevrolet El Camino -“No Parts” , and the License Plates Belong to a 2004 VW Passat


This El Camino caught my attention for some obvious reasons. For the owner’s sake, I hope it doesn’t catch the attention of the police. Not for the straps that seem to be the only thing holding the cargo cap on. Who cares about that here? Or the numerous “No Parts” written on it, which suggest it came from a junkyard, perhaps?


I’m talking about the license plates. I did a Carfax check on them, in the hopes of determining the exact year of this El Camino, and the result was “2004 VW Passat”. Well, that doesn’t quite jive. So this really is a parts special?


I didn’t look inside to see if there’s anything else holding the cap in place, but my guess is obviously not.


Looks like the interior has borrowed some parts from a Monte Carlo, or something similar.