CCs For Sale: 1979 Diesel Rabbit & 1983 Camaro – Someone Is Selling Off Their Very Disparate Collection

These two relics from around the same time period used to sit in a driveway across the street from where they are now, sporting FOR SALE signs. One wonders how they came to own such two disparate cars. Is there something they share in common, to make someone want to have them in the first place. Or maybe they just like a bit of variety in their automotive life. Or did.

Diesel Rabbits were a fixture in Eugene, for a very long time. There’s still a couple clattering around, but the numbers are dropping precipitously. Who’s going to save this one?

Here’s the particulars. “Daisy” looks and sounds like she’s in pretty decent shape still. Only 150k miles? It’s barely broken in.

Since this is a round eye version, I’m assuming it was still made in good old Germany, as the Rabbits coming out of the Westmoreland, PA. factory all had rectangular headlight, no?


You know you want Daisy. Who cares if she only has 48 hp? You’ll be getting 48 mpg. And cruising along at 48 mph. It’s synchronicity, something we specialize here in Eugene.

If Daisy is  a bit too pokey for you, how about this low and sleek Camaro, my favorite generation? It was there for sale already a couple months earlier when I shot, so that explains why the grass is greener suddenly.


A V6 with automatic, and only 145k miles. Time for a rebuild. And that price is now down to $1700, so you might still have a bit of room for further haggling.


Looks pretty straight and decent for one of these; not many of them have survived the assaults of their youthful owners.

You’d best be a fan of hard plastics if you’re going to consider buying this.


My recommendation is to make an offer for both; the seller is undoubtedly motivated, and you’re going to have two of the most outstanding cars of their time.


Meanwhile across the street, the driveway looks a lot less crowded now with these two gone.