Craigslist Outtake: Money-Pit Porsche


“Porsche 924. not restored. Front brakes just rebuilt, and New Battery. Heater Fan does not run, motor is good, just wire off under the dash. I never needed the heater, as I have never driven it in the winter.” End of description.

Would you take the plunge?


Like many vehicles posted on the list of Craig, this ’79 924 is described in rather vague terms. It’s also liquid-cooled, front-engined, and not exactly exclusive, what with 9,636 of them making their way to America’s shores that year.

But for $1200, could it be enough to pique your interest?


The ad’s title tells us it has a 2.0 under the hood – not exactly a powerhouse (somewhere between 95 and 110hp in federalized form, if Wikipedia can be trusted), and a far cry from the turbocharged version which was also available that year. At least it’s got a manual gearbox… but still, nobody’s going to be winning any stoplight drags in this one.


All in all, this looks like a hell project waiting to happen – an interesting, slightly unusual one, but a hell project nonetheless.

It was probably a fun car to drive in its day, and one which undoubtedly drew its share of attention with that bright orange paint job. But now, it would seem best suited for providing some unlucky individual a means for depleting their disposable income.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, swing on over to the Minneapolis craigslist and check it out. Or don’t – if my guess is right, I doubt you’ll ever be able to un-smell the aroma of that interior.

So, what say you… love it, or leave it?