Cohort Sighting: 1971 Corolla 1600 Wagon – Shrunken Coke Bottle


This might be the nicest Corolla anyone’s come across at CC.  With the condition it’s in, I would be surprised if it were all original, but perhaps Passin’Gas, who uploaded it to the Cohort, can tell us more.

More sheltered from market trends and less self-consciously image conscious than, say, Southern California, The Deep South makes a good place for an old car to survive.  Wherever it’s from and whatever its history, you have to hand it to whoever recognized this car’s value as a future collectible way back when owning a Corolla was a controversial act.


The  “E20” model was now also available with the optional 1600 engine in addition to the little 1200.  Equipped with the 1600, and weighing about 1800 lbs with 102 gross horsepower (probably about 75 net), a Corolla 1600 was good for an easy 90 mph at the top end, and was one of the first of its kind that was a viable proposition on US freeways.


Its small bumpers look clean and delicate, but the hubcaps, the grille, and the trim at the trailing edge of the rearmost window are a preview of the fussy styling details that Toyota continues to love today.  I think the mini-Detroit look is very cute, but if I were 73 years old today (which I would be if I were my current age when this car was sold), I wonder how charming I would find it.

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