Curbside Stimulus: Eleven Choices Well Under $3400, Blow Your Wad Here On The CCs For Sale

Today I read that the first batch of Economic Stimulus checks have been released by Uncle Sam.  The entire process will apparently take several months for some reason.  For those not within our borders, the way it supposedly works is like this – Every person in the U.S. that has a gross adjusted income under $75,000 and has filed a tax return within the last two years will receive a check for $1,200, double that income limit and check size for couples and add $500 for every child.  The median income last year was $63,688 and the median family had 3.14 members which rounds up to four.  So let’s assume that every one of you out there is a median earner and in a family of four and will thus receive a total stimulus check for $3,400.  I personally think that those that don’t really need the money for whatever reason will just bank the money and those that have been seriously affected so far will hopefully budget it for food and living expenses for whatever length of time it may last but am sure there are some that will decide to spend it on a new TV or whatever.  But us Curbivores don’t watch much TV, instead we go to Craigslist for entertainment.

So let’s assume we got our check as a direct deposit today and it’s already burning a hole in our pocket.  Today’s (Saturday, April the 11th) Fort Collins, Colorado area Craigslist shows a grand total of eleven vehicles being sold by the owner and asking less than $3,400.  Since few people are working and nobody is supposed to be driving around even those cars that need work may be an option this time around.  So let’s see what we have, surely something will tickle your irresponsible fancy, which one will it be?

First up is a lovely 1999 Saab 9-5 sedan in what I think is Midnight Blue Metallic. It has just over 159,000 miles on it, is in “Fair” condition, an automatic, and can be yours for $999, such a deal!

Here’s what the seller has to say about it: “Hi!  This car is a nice car with lots of upgrades for what year it is. It runs fine, but has some issues, so that is why it is being sold as is. It has leather seats, heated and cooling seats, a sun roof, and a ski rack. It had some brake work done, but more is needed. Work is also needed on the headlights and tail lights, and it does have hail damage. If you are good with cars, this is the car for you. Cash please.

It’s got leather, the seats are hugely comfortable, power everything, and also includes an air freshener, likely the “Black Ice” flavor/scent.

The leather doesn’t seem torn or anything, the hail damage is probably minor (not uncommon in these parts). The ski rack will come in handy when the snow starts again in six months and it’s had some brake work done.  It needs a little more brake work and perhaps some minor electrical to the lights, surely just a bulb or two, right?…Will this Scandinavian seductress win your heart (here’s the ad) or should we head on to door #2?  (These are presented in order of being on CL, I didn’t do anything to mess with that, so it’s random.)

Chevy C/K series trucks from this era are always popular around CC, so this is a treat to see.  It gets close to our budget limit at a $3,000 ask but just look at what you get for that….

Yes, a full CrewCab like everybody is driving these days but for a lot less money.  It has sidesteps even though trucks back then weren’t tall like today’s (or perhaps they were, Mr. Shafer will enlighten us if needed), and even has a hood ornament for the Brougham touch.  Sadly the ad doesn’t state the mileage but since these last forever, who cares.

The tailgate is clearly not original but at least it has one, let’s see what the seller has to say:  “1984 chevy 4 door 350 crate motor auto runs drives good long bed $3000 obo“.  Hmm, a man of few words but he’s succinct and to the point.  It drives good.

Dammit, we all know how I love me some red interior and I was thinking of saving this one for myself and not sharing it with you all, but then I remembered the contributor credo of “CC Über Alles” and couldn’t hold it back.  That velour looks super cozy, power locks and windows, a column shifter, and a full set of gauges from what I can see.  Daddy likes.

The back seat looks even better than the front.  In fact it looks untouched.  This might be just the place to be.  Your view forward is unimpeded by front seat headrests and there’s no tint on the windows to get in the way either.  I could think of worse ways to spend $3,000 (obo), and with gas prices as low as they are, your extra $400 will take you some distance.  Here’s the ad if you want more details  But perhaps you aren’t a Chevy man…

For half the money of the Chevy you could have a 1963 Ford F100!  Sure, it’s half the money but you only get half the doors.  But maybe that’s OK, the 1.14 (round up to two) median kids can ride in the bed like the old days.

Lookin’ pretty good so far, eh?  8-spoke slotted white wheels, likely added some time in the early ’80’s, Jetzon Revenger tires (new one for me, anyone?) what looks like a rust free body and a cozy cab along with what seems like a 6.5 foot bed.

The tailgate’s been replaced with a custom job, it even has a rear bumper, and the spare is handy in the bed rather than underneath.  Methinks the wheels are wider than stock and the stance looks good.

The passenger side looks clean as well, the chrome and badges are still there, this thing just screams honest truck.  The seller says: “1963 ford f100 short bed 6 cylinder 4speed runs and yard drives needs hood hinges has some rust good project truck $1500 obo”  Alright, so maybe there is some rust after all but if you can’t see it, it doesn’t count and for $1500 obo what are you expecting.  These 6’s run forever so that’s why it doesn’t have hood hinges, you don’t need ’em.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.  Bring your own saddle blanket to put on the seat and you are good to go. Here’s the ad, the early bird gets the worm.  Git ‘er dun!

Alright, enough with the trucks, everyone knows trucks are overpriced.  When on a budget, mid-size sedans are where it’s at.  Like this 2004 Buick LeSabre from when GM still built its Buicks in the USA and this thing topped the reliability charts.  For $950 this could be yours even though it’s slightly too new to be a true CC.  Perhaps a Future CC…

Yes, it may have 236,546 miles but those are Buick 3800 V6 miles so they don’t hardly count.  White’s a popular color these days, alloy wheels, side skirts, I think I even see a trailer hitch!

It looks showroom fresh and probably smells just like a Ponderosa Pine with that little Air Fresh’ner dangling from the rear-view.  Rubber mats, genuine imitation wood trim, and enough panel gaps in which to lose your fat stack of twenty-four Benjamin’s and change that you’ll have left over after paying the man.  The man, by the way, is quite detailed in his ad: “Used Buick Lesabre 2004 , fair condition, 236546 miles.
-Bluetooth Audio, Good Sound System
-Drives Well
-New battery (12/09/2019)
-Brakes got repaired October 2018
-Driver window doesn’t roll-down
-Dent on Passenger Side
-Broken Arm Rest

What is it with GM rear seats that look like new today?  This one looks just as good as the truck, if not better and is even trimmed in leather.  Could this be the one?  For more pix and deets, go here.

For the true enthusiast, nothing but an Alfa will do.  Never mind that the seller is advertising it as an Alfa Romero, it’s still red, Italian, and has a sweet twin-cam four.  Yes, an Alfa Alfetta GTV, these don’t pop up every day!

It’s a 1979, which is the last year that cars were still good without all that computer crap of the ’80’s, I don’t see any rust, and did I mention it’s an Alfa?  I know Roger Carr is already scrolling down to see the ad link to add this to his stable.

The seller is quite verbose, to wit: “This is a solid little Alfa I have for sale. It has 70,000 miles and is in pretty good shape for its age. 100% original. The GTV is a pretty special car. Had a bigger 2.0 engine and it was in the Front but the 5speed transmission is a transaxle style and is located in the rear. This makes for perfect weight ratios and even better handling. New tires. It starts and runs but won’t accelerate. I put a fuel pump in because the fuel pressure light is on but that didn’t fix the problem. Still just starts and runs. Perfect car if you know how to work on spica systems. Has all the original emissions equipment and lots of extra parts in the trunk. All the gauges and lights work. Come check it out. I bought it on Copart with no title so it does not have a title. NO TITLE. I cannot get one. You will have to apply for a bonded one at the title office. (Not a big deal ). Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a very special little Italian sports car. Alfetta

Yes, never mind that it doesn’t have a title, it’s no big deal to get one according to the ad, I’m sure the seller just hasn’t gotten one due only to social distancing.  While you wait for a new title, you could perhaps reupholster the seats.  It may need a little engine work, the fact that it “doesn’t accelerate” is perhaps a problem, that’s kind of the point of an Alfa, but it could be that it’s a 1979 and the seller is used to a modern car, compared to which anything from 1979 may just feel like it isn’t accelerating.

Still, the seller is asking $2,700 which seems just about right for an almost sorted GTV without a title that doesn’t accelerate.  Perhaps you know which minor fuse to replace to right it all.  Or it could be a great project for the next few months.  Or years.  While you wait for the title to arrive.

The instrument cluster is kind of like a Scion with the speedo and auxiliaries in the middle of the car.  The RPM gauge is the only one that really matters, so that’s why it’s in front of the driver.  Here’s the ad with more pix but no more info.

These Chevy Malibus seem to be regarded fairly well here, so it was good to see this 2009 make an appearance today even though it too is only halfway to CCness.  Offered at $2,800, it has traversed 159,000 miles and is an LT trim level, so about middle of the line.  The tires look good, that dent may or may not buff out but at least the seller isn’t hiding it, this was the first pic in the ad.

The ‘Bu is so big it doesn’t even fit in the pictures, that’s a fairly innocuous shade of Greige, and the alloy wheels (or covers?) snazz it up a bit.  Roomy in back, comfy in front, the four cylinder in this one should return decent economy and parts should be plentiful if needed.

Is this the spare or were those wheel covers after all? Either way that looks a lot like a rally wheel that GM used to put on everything and I kind of like it, perhaps to the point of removing the chrome covers if that’s what they are and running Rally Steelies…Here’s the sellers’s take on it:  “09 Chevy Malibu Runs and drives good, Very clean, Automatic transmission, power windows, locks, driver seat, Tires in good condition, Smooth comfortable ride, this car is in good condition, You are welcome to bring you mechanic to check it out, Make your offer the worst I can say is no, Clean title”

He seems flexible on price, the worst he can say is “no”.  The interior looks pretty decent as well and look, another air freshener, is that blue raspberry?  That cloth looks quite durable, actually, this could be a contender, if you’re serious give it a shot.

I’m not really known as a Pontiac man in general but this opening pic kind of grabbed me, it may be the first time that I somewhat eagerly clicked through on a GrandAm of all things to see more.  Turns out this is a 2001 Pontiac GrandAm GT, with the 175hp 3.4l V6, in black over gray and probably made someone’s day when they picked it out from the showroom floor.

The back bumper can be easily replaced, these are all over the junkyards, and I think I see Arizona plates so probably no rust on this one.  For $1,500 and only 115,000 miles (per the ad at least), this might be tempting.  How many years might be left in this one with minimal maintenance?

Jesus-rays in a photo always add gravitas and red-letter gauges, hooded instrument binnacles, and a faux leather shift knob and e-brake scrotum-style boots spell one word “Excitement”!  No wonder Pontiac sold about a gajillion of these.  The seller seems quite factual: “3.4 liter v6 engine automatic transmission runs and drives perfect has 115,000 miles no leaks no mechanical issues power windows sunroof power locks heater AC stereo everything works great good all season tires new serpentine belt new battery super dependable clean title in hand $1,500 firm call”  He’s firm on the price so no dickering but at least he has the title in hand.

GM rear seat.  ‘Nuff said.  That material actually looks pretty good, I tend to go on about older Honda seat material but this stuff doesn’t seem half bad either.  If you gotta have it, here you go.

$1,100 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a lift kit?  Yeah, ok, it doesn’t start but how hard could it be to fix?  We all have time.  Everybody and their mother wants an SUV these days and this was always one of the best or at least most popular ones.

It’s a V8, has 166,000 miles, the tranny was rebuilt a few years ago but the seller can’t find the paperwork, and it’s had a bunch of other stuff done so it’s apparently almost ready to go.  Except it still won’t start.

Just raise that hood and get to work.  Here’s the very detailed (comparatively speaking) ad:  “1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 5.2 V8 AT, AWD, PS, PB, power seats, A/C and heat works good, tan leather interior. Tires in good shape. Body is straight, paint has faded on the hood.
The Bad: Does not start: turns over, fuel pressure is good as is spark. Can’t figure out why and my daughter needs something that runs. Will need towed or trailer.
The Good: New fuel pump, fuel regulator, distributor cap and rotor, newer plugs and wires, upgraded stereo and speakers, all new front and headlight and side marker lights, all front end steering components, lift and decent interior. Mileage is 166,000 and trans was rebuilt a few years ago, although I do not have the paperwork.
Price is firm, will not part out.
Do not need help selling.

It’s too bad that’s the only interior picture, even the newest CC contributor can do better than that.  But the leather does look comfortable, it’s like button-tufted sans buttons.  Just tufted.  If you think you know what’s wrong with it, tell us or find the man’s number here.  But if not, there is one more choice!

Yes, pure indulgence in the form of a 1997 Cadillac Eldorado.  Powered by 4.6 liters of Northstar V8 magnificence with only 116,785 miles on the clock, this can be yours for $2,500.  Take it home today.

I kind of like these “refreshed” ones, the styling works for me (although I do prefer the Seville STS more), I remember a great trip to Lake Tahoe in one that a coworker/friend owned from new (he was 25 at the time, clearly skewing the average buyer age down significantly). It was smooth, comfortable, fast, quiet, and he paid for all the gas.

The seller here has apparently tired of it, I’m trying to figure out what he replaced it with in the background: “I have a 97 Cadillac Eldorado, burgundy with tan leather interior. Pretty clean inside and out. Body is in good condition and interior has no damage. Power windows and locks. Has an alarm system. No key fob. I’ve owned this car for 2 years. Purchased from a man who was selling for his son who had left for college. I drove it every day for the first year but then got a new car. It’s time to let go of this beauty.
Other info: AC seized so I took it in and they bypassed it. Could easily have a new one installed. They quoted me about $1200. None of the windows have any damage. Heater works great. Drives great. She’s nice and heavy so I loved driving in the winter. Tires are in good shape all lights and blinkers work. Some hail damage to the body but you can hardly tell. Older car so it didn’t ding it up like a gold ball. I’m asking $2500 obo.

If you are looking for style, here’s your link.  You know the back seat will be in as-new condition.

So what’s it gonna be?  The black Poncho?  Caddy style?  Or perhaps practicality with one of the pick-em-ups? Or something smooth, debonair and European?  Feeling like a project and have some downtime to work on something or perhaps something more suited to a roadtrip tomorrow?  There’s something for everyone here, check your account for the money, it may already have arrived!  Stay safe, everyone.