The Zündapp Janus: Mid-Engined, Double-Ended Production Car

(first posted 5/11/2014)    The CoronoroC prototype wasn’t exactly the first time that a double-ended car was envisioned. In 1957, German motorcycle builder Zündapp unveiled their Janus, intended to improve upon the flimsy barely-weatherproof microcars then common. The 14 hp two-stroke 250 cc single-cylinder engine was mounted mid-ship, between the two opposite facing seats. Obviously, the main advantage was in limiting the number of expensive pressings. No word on whether a bi-directional version was considered.

The Janus was not a success, with only 1731 cars made before the plant was sold to Bosch. I can’t help but wonder if someone ever converted one to bi-directionality. Perfect for those crowded inner cities.

A double hat tip to slow_joe_crow