eBay Find: 1972 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow – The Ultimate Business Coupe.

James May, he of Top Gear fame, said that there was simply no way you could look bad in a ‘Shad’. It’s true, the old Rollers are now in that special time in the life of every classic car where most of the ones that were going to die are gone already and the survivors are in it for the long-run and being cared and pampered by their owners. But on the evidence you see above, there still seem to be enough of them for one or two…interesting projects.

The listing for our featured car encourages us to call Bob with any questions that we may have. I only have one question: Why? Why did the man who built this do it? Because presumably he would’ve had to be going down the street, just going about his business. And then he saw one of the 16,717 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I’s built on the street and thought “hmm……”


Well, whomever he was we have to give him credit, he did an excellent job turning the Silver Shadow into his vision. I can’t even imagine the amount of changes and custom fabrication that would go into making a conversion like this. But the quality of the end result speaks for itself. This was more than a hack-and-slash job, everything fits like if it had been built to fit from the factory. The panel gaps are nice and tight and the interior looks well cared for. As does the strip of chrome that runs the length of the car If I were to nitpick I’d say that the grille and the bumpers should’ve stayed unpainted. But who am I to question the builder’s vision?


Moving out attention to the business(coupe)end. Any possibility of it being a flower car in a past life gets thrown out of the door when you see the fine leather on the sides and the velour(?) lining the bottom of the trunk. Mechanically it seems to be identical to any normal Shad, that means the warhorse 6.75-liter engine under the hood producing “Adequate” (190-210 or thereabouts) horsepower and sending it through that other warhorse, the Turbo-Hydramatic TH300.
The listing this time is amazing. Especially for a place that seems to have more than a couple of rollers on the lot “IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR NEW AND UNIQUE TOY, THIS IS THE ONE TO OWN.RECENTLY DONE  FULL SERVICE, FULL BRAKES AND HYDRAULICS,TIRES,A/C,WOOD RE FINISHED,CARPETING ETC.” Is pretty much the gist of it. Not the long, detailed listing explaining the conversion process that I’d like if I were spending serious money on something like this. It also mishandles it as a pickup truck which is understandable, as the sort of intern that writes that sort of listing has probably never seen a business coupe.
Oh, that brings us nicely to that thing everybody hates discussing in public: the price. Now, something like this has a very limited market. Like any modified car, you’ll never make back the money you invested in the modifications and you’ll probably end up decreasing the value in comparison to the untouched examples. Nonetheless, if you want to own the car that the plutocrats use to haul samples around you’ll have to shell out $39,950. Or about what a brand new Chrysler 300C Platinum will cost you if you went to a dealership. If you’d prefer something that is guaranteed to be unique however, the listing is here. I’m not sure who’d get something like this, but I’m sure whomever does will really want it and cherish it.