eBay Find: 1980 Datsun 280ZX – Enough To Make My Heart Melt


Quick, does the image above make you think of the most ’70s commercial ever to grace television screens across the country? It has for me, even if I was about two decades too young to have seen it when it was relevant. But when I did see it, in an old re-run of A&E’s Automobiles, it was a sensory overload. So much so that it did cause me to have an unnatural desire to own one of the 3000 Black/Gold 10th anniversary 280ZXs built. If you too are overcome by a sudden desire to own one, how about checking this one out.

Yes, the S130 280ZX was the final step in the ruination of the original Z-Car’s image and transformation into a fat cruiser for people who wouldn’t recognize a good driving experience if it bit them in the rear and took them canyon carving. But the simple fact of the matter is that for every sports car buyer Datsun lost, they got one or two others that just wanted a stylish cruiser to pose and be seen in – the 280ZX did that very well indeed. And to get attention there was nothing better than the 10th anniversary edition model. For $14,000 you got leather seats, automatic temperature control, special tires wrapping two-tone alloys, and commemorative decals and badges.


Our featured model is number 960 out of 3000. It’s finished in the original two-tone black and gold, with the matching leather interior in mint condition. It’s no small wonder it has less than 58,000 miles on it…


Which is not even break-in mileage for the L28 engine that lives underneath the hood. Having said that, unless some of those hoses have been replaced recently they could cause trouble later on. The 280ZX wasn’t a particularly fast mover, being slower than a grandpa 240 despite having a larger engine. This particular one will be worse still because it’s mated to the optional three-speed automatic. Expect reaching sixty mph from zero somewhere in the ten second range. But, if you want a piece of history and have a spare nine grand to spend on it, the listing is here. Bell-bottom pants and an afro are not included in the price.