eBay Find: 1995 Mercury Sable – Space Pod


Is it possible for something that’s 20 years old to still look futuristic? Yes. Yes it is.

Confession time: I’ve always preferred the Sable over it’s mostly-identical Taurus brother. Alright, the Third-gen looked a bit like a gasping fish, but I’ll leave my colleagues to discuss the pros and cons of that particular generation. The Sable was just different enough to add desirability to an already desirable car.  Our featured model is the best representation of these differences. With it’s shiny white paint emphasizing the wraparound windows it makes it look like it wouldn’t be entirely out of place in [STAR WARS REFERENCE REDACTED]


That front is the thing that I like the most. Yes, some will tell you that the light bar makes it look like an oversized vacuum cleaner, but you tend not to think about that when kids point out at the cool car with all the lights in the front or when you realize that unless someone comes the other way with a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix you have the only car that has one of those. It really shouldn’t work, and yet it does. That light bar alone justifies the asking price, but it becomes an even better deal when you realize that there’s a very good car attached to it. Our featured model is a last year all-kinks-ironed-out 1995 Sable GS (base model in English) finished in Performance White with a Blue Cloth interior. To back the promises its color name makes you have the 140-horsepower Vulcan V6 mated to the A4XN 4-speed automatic. The odometer is showing a believable 75,000 miles.


It’s well equipped too. with discs on all four wheels, electric windows and keyless entry thanks to the good ol’ Ford Keypad. The paint is shiny, the A/C blows cold the lights only look slightly yellowy, there’s no tears on the interior. I’m actually not sure how did this car manage to survive this long looking this well?  The seller doesn’t say it’s a little old lady car, but apparently it’s so well kept and so good looking that “This one is parked in our showroom it is that quality! ” No arguments there. He also refers to the car as a “She”


Now, about that interior, as much as the exterior still manages to look fresh in that retro-futuristic way, the interior is very much a ’90s period piece.  Everything starting from the color to the fabric selection to the cassette player. But who cares? Blue is a very nice color for an interior, even if red would suit the white paint better, and buttons beat touchscreen interfaces in infotainment systems every day of the week. And besides,  if you really must have the latest and greatest in infotainment this is a car where you can actually change the headunit. Try that in a modern Taurus.


As for the price, the gods of economy shine upon Taurus week, as this minter of a Sable is priced at a very reasonable $3,990. For a car that looks so nice that it would almost be a shame to make it do the daily commute. That’s a very good deal don’t you think?