(Non) CC For Sale: 2016 Kia Soul Taxi – 434,319 Miles, $9,995 – Why Does This Strike Me As A Bit Pricey?

Jud Landis, a neighbor, sent me the link to this 2016 Kia Soul For Sale. I’m impressed by the mileage, and also impressed at the asking price. Is the used car market this tight? Will someone really spend something close to this for a car with that kind of miles on it? And still sporting the GO-Taxi signage?

I’m also a bit surprised that a Toyota dealer is keeping something like this in stock, as well as that quite vintage Blazer S-10. I thought new car dealers typically auctioned off anything below a certain price level. Oh, never mind…

Here’s the pertinent details. Maybe I’ll go to their website and see what they want for the S-10 Blazer, just for the hell of it.

There it is, a genuine CC 1991 S-10 Blazer with 218k miles priced at $6,995. And it’s a one-owner Blazer at that.

Which would you take?