Someone Just Paid $127,552 For This Crashed 1960 Jaguar 150S – It’s Not Just Meme Stocks and Crypto That’s High

This crashed hulk of a Jaguar 150S 3.8 sold a few days ago at a Bonhams auction for $127,552, or six times over the sale estimate. Someone’s going to have quite a project on their hands.

According to Bonhams, the Jag “was spun off the road on a wet day in September 1996. The vendor (seller, now deceased), who was driving the car, unfortunately lost control and ended up crashing head on into a tree. He remarkably walked away, however the car has remained garage-stored ever since. Considering the date of the crash and being kept in dry storage, the car is still in a salvageable condition, and offers enormous potential as a rewarding project car. An opportunity not to be missed.

Call me impressed that he walked away, given that steering wheel.

Sad but true, on several levels.