St.Vinnie’s Car Pound, Part 2: The Back Lot, Where The Really Tired Dogs Await Their Fate

The cars in the front lot at St. Vinnies have a good shot at being adopted; the ones whose future is murkier are relegated to the back lot. But that makes it even more appealing, from a CC point of view.  Let’s walk on back, and see what tugs at our heart strings.

Tired of getting looked down on by all those tall 4×4 pickups? Here’s the solution. Just yank off that aerodynamic roof thing and slap an old pickup bed on the back, and you’ve got the bad-assest pickup in town.

A beautiful yellow W123 300 (bio)Diesel German Shepherd! What a gem; it’s got at least another half-million miles in it yet. What’s it doing back here? With this price tag, maybe it’s getting prepped and detailed? Or just getting it started?


A miniature Chevy.

A Skydog.

A Dynasty, a very refined and highly bred Kanine.

A Regal hound if there ever was one.

Um, what was that Japanese breed again. Looks like his former owner kicked him a few times.

Another hardy American working breed.  This one undoubtedly has a lot of life in it yet.

A Greyhound, a retired racing dog.

Given that it’s got a RAM AIR V6, it undoubtedly was unbeatable.

This Japanese breed has become the most popular in Eugene. Who would have thought back when this one was born?

A Geohuahua.

Another one of those fad breeds that didn’t last.

A toy bulldog with such big puppy eyes. How can you resist?

This Green Lab admittedly does have the mange. I don’t feel good about its prospects.

An Australian Shepherd. Perfect for the outback.

A miniature Cadillac, a breed that fell out of favor decades ago. They’re almost extinct now. This one could really use some TLC. I’m sure it will reward its new owner in response.

Another yellow German Shepherd, this time a turbo-diesel. Maybe a two-fer deal is in order? Wouldn’t it be great to have a parts car in the right color, and these two would love the company?


From a time when little pups were popular.


It must not be housebroken for it to be back here.


Another one…

These are so good with older folks. Well behaved.

It’s trying so hard to smile, and those big eyes. Come on, you know you want it.

Another lot, fenced off. Is it the waiting line for euthanasia?

This is a grizzled old guy. Seen better days, but in the right hands, who knows?

Another extinct breed, the Ply Mouth. Not sure how it got its name, but these were once so common.

This is where the extinct breeds seem to be hanging out.

The Yakima roof rack is probably worth as much or more than the rest of it.

This Buick looks to have been abused some.


A Suzuki! Now there’s an exotic Japanese breed.

Can’t say the same for this.

This guy has a colorful coat.

A genuine Chrysler. Not a very long-lived breed, but this one is an exception. If it’s still alive, that is.

These wagons really knew how to perform if motivated with a stick.

A British pedigree of the highest caliber. Here, Rover! Rover..Come!  Rover….!!

Another Mazdog.


An American Bulldog.




It’s not polite to make fun of this. And to think someone actually created this breed. On purpose.

A Rat Terrier.

Good luck finding a home, feller.

Did someone get tired of you?

A Silver Lab.

This is what happens when fad breed fall out of favor.


Bulldogs were once so popular…

As were these, with a certain clientele.

Yikes; another one.

Here’s a perfect companion for hikes in the woods.

This one just loves to swim.

What’s left to say?

Another Durango. Are these prone to being sent off to the pound?

A practical choice. Least likely to bite.

It’s big, and fairly young. But I’m not sure I can recommend it.


And here’s a new arrival. I’m sure this will find a new home in no time.