Who Wants to be a Mileage Millionaire – The Most Expensive High Mileage Cars for Sale in America

Welcome back, fellow Mileage Millionaires! I want to everyone for coming up with great suggestions for this series (I’ll try to get to as many as I can in future posts).

One of the things that frequently comes up in these “Millionaire” posts (and in the comments) is how much much sellers sometimes have the gall to charge for these high-mileage jalopies. As is often the case here, opinions vary greatly on how much these cars are actually worth, but the number “zero” has been bandied around on more than one occasion.

By now, you know my MO: If I see a dangling thread, I’m going to pull on it to see what unravels. Today’s post is therefore dedicated to the actual millionaires in the audience: Let’s pull on this particular thread, and see what the upper limits of asking prices are for vehicles at the upper limits of their odometer readings.

Two more items of housekeeping: First off, while I haven’t made this clear in the past, the threshold I typically work with when defining “High Mileage” vehicles is 300,000 miles (483,803 km). My reasoning for this is fairly simple: Any modern car with adequate care, maintenance, and a little bit of luck should be able to make it 250,000 miles without too much difficulty. To go 300,000 miles (or beyond) requires true dedication to the cause. Therefore that is the minimum bar of entry for this (and all future posts).

Second, there always seems to be a great deal of interest in the vehicles I post. Whether it is morbid curiosity or genuinely interested buyers I can only speculate, but in either case I will start including links to the actual seller’s web sites. This being the internet, of course, I cannot guarantee that these links will still work after one week, much less one year.

But enough talking. On to the most expensive high mileage vehicles for sale in the US.

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Quad Cab – 343,686 miles (553,109 km) – $15,900


Life at the polo club got you down? Or perhaps you are interested in getting into the exciting world of rolling coal, but didn’t know where to start? May I present this tastefully modded 2006 Dodge Ram (yes, the first name of this truck is Dodge, as God intended).

In addition to the dual exhaust stacks protruding through the bed, this example also features a full suspension lift kit (complete with steering stabilizers), 20-inch wheels sporting 37-inch M/T tires, cut back front fenders and fender flares. No word on whether a train horn is included or not.

This vehicle will be in good company with you, as the previous owner, like yourself, almost certainly has to be a millionaire. Between the offroad tires and sky-high lift, I’m guessing this rig is lucky to turn 10 mpg. With diesel fuel selling conservatively for $3.00 per gallon, that 343,686 in miles represents over $100,000 in cumulative fuel purchases.

Best of all, at a shade under $16K, the previous owner has already taken (part of) the depreciation hit for you. After 343,686 miles in 13 years, he probably needed surgery to remove the smile from his face, and you simply can’t put a dollar value on that.


2008 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG – 322,443 miles (518,922 km) – $16,888


Always wanted to own a V12-powered Benz, but were too intimidated by the six-figure price tag? (Just because you are a millionaire doesn’t mean that you aren’t prudent with your money). Perhaps then I can interest you in this slightly more than slightly used example. Heck, cars.com even goes so far as to give it their “Great Deal” icon, so who am I to argue?

This one looks to be in none-too-shabby condition. Maybe even nice enough to still get preferential parking at the country club valet.


2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty – 326,380 miles (525,258 km) – $19,995


The ad describes this example as a being Harley-Davidson edition, but clearly it is just a plain-jane F-250, and in any case, 2007 was the last year for H-D Super Duty. Perhaps the seller is hoping that even an incorrect Harley-Davidson association is enough to get you to part with twenty thousand of your not-so-hard earned trust fund George Washingtons.

Naturally, it has the 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel. While some might argue that at 300,000 miles the Power Stroke is just getting broken in, to my eyes $19,995 seems to be a mighty stretch for a high mileage, appliance white, ten-year-old truck equipped about as well as your typical U-Haul with cloth seats, an AM/FM radio, A/C and not much else. Even cars.com charitably describes this as just being a “fair price.”

To sweeten the deal, you do get a matching fiberglass cap and the butchest looking grille guard I have ever seen, complete with a front hitch receiver.


1988 BMW 325ix – 327,370 miles (526,851 km) – $29,900


And here we are. Behold the most expensive high mileage vehicle for sale in America. Thinking that shopping in the high mileage aisle will score you a cheap entry ticket into RADwood? Think again.

Prices for these 1980’s 3-series continue to rise, especially for the rare all-wheel-drive 5-speed variants like this one. Yes, it has benefitted from a rather extensive restoration (I encourage you to read the original ad for the full details), but Dayum! 30 large for a car with over 300,000 miles. That’s some serious coin, enough to give even a millionaire pause.

Supposedly most of the interior has been replaced, but if you look closely you can still see some signs of high mileage wear on the steering wheel and center console.

I guess the best thing I can say about owning a high mileage classic like this is that you don’t have to worry too much about decreasing the value by driving it and adding miles to the odometer.