CC Humour: 1983 Renault 5 TL – P. G. Wodehouse Edition

Wooster: Pity about my idea of investing in this Real Estate scheme on the Galapagos Islands.

Jeeves: I did caution against it, Sir.

W: Yes. Rotten luck. And just when some of my dearest aunts lost all their dosh in that South Sea thingy…

J: Bubble, Sir?

W: Don’t mind if I do, yes, thank you. We made it out of Blighty in the nick of time and right under the noses of the bally bailiffs, did we not?

J: Indeed, Sir. A most fortuitous escape.

W: I’ll say. Still, it’s not so bad here in France, now is it? Better that than being confined at Her Majesty’s pleasure. I managed to pull enough strings to find us a flat and have enough left over for a car…

J: Ahem, Sir…

W: Now, now, Jeeves. I realize our little Renault is not up to usual standards, but it’s the best mode of transport I could afford, at such short notice. It will have to do in the meantime. Stiff upper lip and all that, what?

J: Stiff indeed, Sir.

W: Look, I miss the old Aston too. But I was just so eager to make that ferry. I didn’t think it was already pulling away. Trick of the light, one surmises.

J: The sound of the vessel’s foghorn was clearly audible, Sir. That is the traditional method by which ships signal their having left the shore.

W: Oh, is that what that was? Never mind. Couldn’t afford the petrol for that Aston, in any case. And now that it’s stuck in the beach in Dover, there’s little chance of getting it back on the green, even with a sand wedge and that Sarazen chappie. So let us put that in the “bygone” category.

W: Right-ho, do I have everything for cousin Ethelbert’s wedding? Gloves, cravat, cuff-links, shoes, vest. Looks like the main characters are all part of the plot…

J: Almost, Sir.

W: Almost? What am I missing? Oh, yes. Where the deuce is my top hat?


In honour of the 100th anniversary of the first publication of Wodehouse’s ­My Man Jeeves, the first Jeeves & Wooster book, without which the world would not be the tranquil and harmonious place it has become since 1919.