CC Global: 2010 Scania Conventional 6×2 Truck – It Left The Factory As A Cabover

In October 2005, Swedish truck maker Scania decided to end the production of their conventional trucks and tractors. From that moment on the full focus was on developing and building cabovers, and cabovers only. The market demand for a heavy conventional, already a niche product by then, had become too small to justify the costs.

But no worries for the diehard torpedo fans, Dutch company Vlastuin continued the production when Scania pulled the plug.

The starting point for the aftermarket conversion into a conventional was Scania’s contemporary R-series of cabovers, like the 2007 R500 6×2 tractor above.

Last year I caught this conversion at a truck show, a 2008 Scania 4×2 tractor, owned and built by Vlastuin.

This is a 2000 factory Scania 4-series conventional – obviously the complete cab is the same as used on the cabovers.

Back to this article’s main act. The 500 hp 15.6 liter V8 should keep this big rig rolling just fine. The 2010 Scania 6×2 truck is equipped with a roll-off system and is towing a 1999 GS Meppel drawbar trailer. Both the truck’s tag axle and the trailer’s second axle are liftable. The legal maximum GVM of the whole combination is 50 metric tons.

This Volvo driver demonstrates how a roll-off system pulls the dump bed from the trailer onto the truck. Of course the procedure also works the other way around.

Meanwhile Scania introduced a more square lined new generation of heavy trucks and tractors in the summer of 2016…

…so now Vlastuin also builds a more square lined conventional model of that new generation. Designed from scratch, leaving the factory rolling chassis fully intact. Vlastuin’s demo is a 6×2 tractor with a 730 hp 16.4 liter V8, which is Scania’s most powerful engine. This beast is ready to rumble, by all means.

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