CC Outtake: Cadillac Fleetwood Six Door Sedan: The Comfortable Alternative To Three-Row SUVs and Minivans

Let’s face it: three row SUVs suck, in terms of actually carrying three rows of passengers, never mind getting them in and out. And minivans are only moderately better. But there’s a better way, as shown by this commodious Cadillac Fleetwood six-door nine passenger sedan I found in the parking lot at Costco. Well, if you had six kids, you’d be shopping at Costco for sure.


Of course, who has six kids anymore? From the looks of the interior of this one, kids are not part of the equation. This is the middle seat.


And here’s the back seat. presumably the buyer is in the store stocking up on Angel Soft tissues.

This one was made by Superior, which made so many hearses, limos and other specialized bodies for so long. Do they still make six-door sedans?

Yes they do. Although it’s rather less graceful than the older style I found. So how would kids feel if they were dropped off in this at school?