CC Global: 2013 Renault T 460 And 2017 Kässbohrer Tipping Bulk Tanker – The Sandman Comes

This combination caught my attention because it looked kind of thickset for this type of tipping bulk haulers. Usually these are much longer, with more rear overhang too. They are used to transport all kinds of granules. This one also carried multiple, long hoses, which you don’t need when filling a silo. Let’s find out what its daily job is.

The 4×2 tractor is a 2013 Renault T 460, powered by a Volvo-based 10.8 liter inline-6. The tractor is rated at a GVM of 19.5 metric tons, that’s 8 metric tons maximum axle load at the front and 11.5 metric tons at the rear.

Meet shorty, a 2017 Kässbohrer semi-trailer, just 926 cm (30’4″) long. This tanker is obviously set-up to haul some heavy stuff.

The Hyva company took care of the hydraulic tipping system.

One might say that the tank rests in a cradle when the combination hits the road.

The usual Euro-tridem axle with super singles, rated at a total maximum axle load of 27 metric tons. BPW axles (Bergische Achsen KG) with Bridgestone tires in this case.

The sum of the axle loads is 46.5 metric tons (19.5 for the tractor plus 27 for the semi-trailer), so that’s also the rig’s maximum legal GVM.

As mentioned above, multiple, long hoses aboard.

And this picture shows the end result of a typical job for the Renault-Kässbohrer: filling crawl spaces with fresh and clean sand. A big sand blaster, that’s what it is.