CC Global: 2013 Scania R500 6×2 Tractor And 2009 Bulthuis End Dump Semi-Trailer

The red and yellow big rigs of the nearby VSB Groep always mean business. Without exception, the truck or tractor is a Scania. Another certainty is that there’s a V8 in charge. Yes, it’s rolling thunder time once again!

The 500 hp tractor, with a 15.6 liter V8 under its cab, features the classic 6×2 layout: a liftable tag axle with dual wheels. On heavy-duty tractor units, a liftable and steering single-wheeled pusher axle has become more common.

There’s no difference for the GVM, the drive axle is rated at a maximum axle load of 11.5 metric tons (25,353 lbs), whereas the tag or pusher axle is rated at 7.5 metric tons (16,535 lbs).

The heavy R-series, introduced in 2004, got an exterior and interior refresh in September 2009.

The famous Scania dashboard-sweep dates back to 1987, when it was introduced on the truck maker’s 3-series.

The 2013 tractor is coupled to a 2009 Bulthuis TATA12 end dump semi-trailer. The payload capacity of the semi-trailer is a highly satisfying 37 metric tons (81,571 lbs).

The semi-trailer’s first and third axle are steered by Bulthuis’ own proven and durable cable steering system; 100% mechanical, no hydraulics, no electronics.

Last year, I caught a Vogelzang semi-trailer with a Bulthuis system. This is the first axle…

…and here’s the third axle.

In Europe, Scania has become the last manufacturer of V8 truck diesels. There are no signs whatsoever that their V8-era (starting point 1969) will come to an end in the upcoming years. Alright, hammer on!

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