CC Global: 2013 Vervaet Beet Eater 625 – Sugar Daddy

Vervaet is a Dutch manufacturer of self-propelled, jumbo-sized agricultural machinery. Their Beet Eaters, one of the best model names in the agri-business, eat beets and roots from underneath the surface without digesting them after swallowing. These machines harvest mostly sugar beets, but also fodder beets, chicory roots and celery roots.

The harvester is rear-engined. The power unit is a 510 hp, 12.9 liter DAF inline-six turbodiesel.

This is a command center rather than just a cab. Note that the juggernaut is road-legal.

Hydraulic all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. The rear wheels roll exactly between the tracks of the front wheels.

Yet a lawn improver it isn’t.

The Beet Eater’s mouth, here’s where the harvesting process starts.

The beets or roots are transported all the way to the center of the harvester.

Right to this point, on the left side.

Then upstairs to what’s called the bunker. It has 25 metric tons capacity, around 40 m³  (1,413 ft³) of product. The unloading time of a full bunker is 50 seconds.

Van der Woerd, an agricultural contractor, is the owner of this Beet Eater. Woerd is Dutch for a male duck, so that explains the logo.

When a farm tractor with a trailer drives alongside the harvester, it is loaded from here.

What a fascinating and impressive piece of equipment!

I found this splendid video on YouTube, featuring Van der Woerd’s Beet Eater at the job, somewhere in Flevoland. Once a major part of an inland sea, then turned into very fertile land in the 20th century. Fairly New Holland, so to speak.

And here are some end products of the yearly Beets Campaign, this year’s season starts on the 6th of September. Beet Eaters, start your engines!

On a related note, around 28 of these can be made from one sugar beet.

Another Vervaet set-of-wheels:

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