CC Mailbag: A Reader Reaches Out

One of my newfound chores here at the Rocky Mountain CCHQ is to periodically check the CC email account (  I’ll admit I don’t check it every single day and can’t always respond immediately due to other commitments but sometimes people send in story submissions or random pictures or whatever that is interesting or something we can use along with loads of spam to weed through (if you have something to share, please send it, I can’t guarantee we’ll use it but we will definitely consider it).

Yesterday however was a bit special as Aaron M took the time to pen a nice thank you note for a post that Paul wrote a little while ago along with some pictures that are very relevant to his message.  After checking with Aaron I’ve decided to publish the letter in its entirety along with the pictures, I think you will like it.


I stumbled onto your article “Curbside Classic: 1963 Chevy II Nova SS – Saved By The Stock Wheel Covers” last night and really enjoyed it as I have a soft spot for this particular car. 

In 1963, my Dad purchased one brand new from Camp Chevrolet in Spokane, Washington. His Palomar Red SS came with the 3 speed manual “three on the tree”.  

Unlike so many other Chevy ll owners, Dad never succumbed to the V8 swap urge. His SS always remained bone stock (With the exception of upgrading to radial tires of course). Simply elegant.

More importantly, unlike so many other Chevy ll owners, Dad has no regrets for selling his SS all those years ago, because sell it he never did!

I actually had the pleasure of spending some time today with my Dad changing the fuel pump on that old Nova. Drove it around the neighborhood a bit and it reminded me of so many childhood memories piling in the back of that car. So many memories of cruising around town in that SS with my high school buddies. It never occurred to me back then how special that car really was and how amazing that my Dad had continued to hold on to it. Facts that are not lost on me today!!

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that there are some Chevy ll originals still lurking out there. 

Best to You!

Aaron M.”

A huge CC “Thank You” to Aaron for writing and sharing these great pictures with us!  The gentleman in the picture is of course Aaron’s dad busily maintaining his gorgeous car.   I and the others here see and read the comments on the various posts every day and we aren’t just writers, we are readers as well, but sending a separate email with the pictures was a very nice gesture.  So thank you Aaron, and I along with everyone else invite you to become a regular reader!