CC Global: 2014 Volvo FH 6×4 For Hauling Long Logs – Big Boys’ Transformer Toy

A week after I had to wait a moment for a rig hauling short logs, I caught this tidy package, consisting of a Volvo tractor unit, a chassis-mounted crane and a Faymonville self-steering trailer. Its full-time job is transporting long logs.

The Volvo FH 6×4 tractor, with a low (standard) roof, is powered by the truck maker’s 12.8 liter inline-6 engine with a maximum power output of 540 hp. The number is right there on the side of the cab.

The electro-hydraulic self-steering 2014 Faymonville trailer is piggybacking when unloaded. Faymonville is a Belgian manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for special and heavy haulage, including logging.

The crane is a Palfinger Epsilon product. Self-loaders are highly common in European logging.

The trailer’s turntable.

Completely “unfolded” and at the job. I found the picture on Faymonville’s website.

Here’s a video of a similar rig, making a downhill hairpin turn. I just can’t get enough of these spectacular French logging videos…plenty of them can be found on YouTube.