CC Global: 2016 DAF CF 290 FA – Clean Diesel Tanker Truck

After last week’s juggernaut here’s something much smaller and more manageable: a 4×2 straight truck with a low day cab, typically used for short distance trips. This ultra-clean and tidy tanker truck delivers diesel fuel to farmers, agricultural contractors and building contractors. With its set-back front axle (standard on all Euro-trucks, regardless the segment) and short wheelbase it’s highly maneuverable.

The CF is DAF’s mid-size model, positioned right inbetween the lighter LF-series and the XF top guns. Van Putten’s shiny happy CF is powered by a 10.8 liter inline-6 engine, known as the Paccar MX-11, with a maximum power output of 290 hp. That’s more than adequate for a truck with a legal maximum GVM of 20.5 metric tons (45,195 lbs).

Besides DAF, all other European truck makers (Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Iveco and Renault) also offer a full range of trucks and tractor units, leaving no noticeable market share to “outsiders”. Light trucks from Nissan, Isuzu and Fuso are available, but in Northwestern Europe they’re all as rare as hen’s teeth.

The orange plate on the front and back of the truck tells what’s inside the big tank, it’s legally required on all vehicles transporting dangerous goods.

In this case: 3 for a flammable or combustible liquid or gas; 0 for no additional danger; 1202 for diesel or a comparable fuel, like home heating oil. If you see a tanker truck in Europe with the number 33-1203 then it’s hauling gasoline. That’s a double 3 for highly flammable, 1203 for gasoline.

Just a bit of trivia: gasolie is a Dutch synonym for diesel, so better not use it for anything with a gasoline engine…

And this here is the interior of the current CF-series, more specifically the high-end Exclusive Line trim level. Now I don’t know about you, but personally I would prefer this to many modern car interiors.