CC Global: 2016 DAF CF 8×4 Truck – No Concrete Plans This Weekend

I caught this bright yellow and red Big Toy at the 2017 DAF Museum Days. Last year its owner ordered 15 of these, plus another 10 Mercedes-Benz 8×4 trucks. Yes, the economy is thriving again…

The CF is DAF’s mid-size model, this recent Euro 6 (emission standards) model with the day cab is powered by the 10.8 liter MX-11 engine. Its maximum power output is 435 DIN-hp.

Throughout Europe an 8×4 is the most common chassis type in this line of business, although concrete mixer trucks with five axles (so 10×4 chassis) are also widely used in the Netherlands.

The legal maximum axle loads of Jansen’s mixer truck, from front to back: 10,000 kg – 10,000 kg – 9,500 kg – 9,500 kg. That adds up to a maximum GVM of 39,000 kg (85,980 lbs).

Here’s the heavy-duty rear tandem. The reason that it may carry less weight than the front steering axles is the shorter axle spacing. The steering axles are considered as two separate axles, unlike the rear drive axles. Note that DAF rates this pair at 26,000 kg, so there’s an ample “safety margin”…

A wide-spread tandem setup, often done by specialists like Ginaf, increases the legal maximum rear axle loads substantially.

Super singles on the front axles. Standard size tires simply won’t do with such axle loads.

The Italian IMER Group built the complete concrete mixer unit. The drum’s maximum capacity is 11 cubic meters, that’s 14.4 cubic yards. Now pour it on!