Curbside Outtake: 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook – Bigger on the Inside, Smaller on the Outside

My eldest son is a commercial videographer/producer in Charleston, SC, and sent this shot recently of a 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook staged in front of a circa 1937 Baptist church that’s been rehabbed into loft apartments. The Cranbrook came into being for the 1951 Model Year, and was substantially redesigned for its final 1953 Model Year, also Plymouth’s 25th anniversary. 

K.T. Keller got his wish, in that one could wear an even taller hat in the externally-smaller 1953 models, and despite the Cranbrook’s styling looking somewhat dowdy compared to its competitors, sales increased 40% from 1952. Plymouth did some platform rationalization as part of the redesign, and fuel economy was improved a few percent as well. Far more detail on the ’53 Cranbrook is available in this thorough treatment by Jason Shafer.

Photographed September, 2017 at Francis Street Lofts, Charleston, SC by Chad Stembridge