CC Global: 2017 DAF Museum Days – Miscellaneous Items

The last 2017 museum days tour starts with an expedition vehicle. Originally a 1989 DAF YA 4442 4×4 military truck with the truck maker’s 180 hp 6.2 liter DNT engine.

Euro-style windows, I assume…

1991 DAF YA 4442 wearing the white UN outfit. The same model as the expedition vehicle; this is how they left the factory, with dual rear wheels.

1956 DAF YA 314, powered by a six-cylinder Hercules gasoline engine.

In 1977 Terberg Techniek built this half-track, based on a 1964 DAF V1600 4×4 truck…

…and an M3 Half-track.

1975 DAF YA 66 as used by the Koninklijke Marechaussee. That’s the Royal Military Police.

The DAF YP 408 armored personnel carrier was introduced in 1963. It has an 8×6 H-Drive drivetrain and a 165 hp turbo diesel engine.

1973 DAF 33 pickup. DAF’s smallest civilian truck ever.

2017 DAF XF 480 FT tractor with the Super Space Cab. All current truck models (the LF, CF and XF) got a refresh earlier this year.

Because PACCAR, a 1996 Peterbilt 379 tractor with a 455 hp Caterpillar engine.

A craftswoman at work.

2006 DAF XF 95.530 with a 12.6 liter engine. This power unit was superseded by the current 12.9 liter DAF-PACCAR MX-13 engine.

Small hauling companies and owner operators often drive tractor units with a fully covered frame. Next to the DAF a 2001 Subaru Legacy Outback.

This VIPRE semi-trailer bus, towed by a 1967 DAF 1600, was restored by the museum’s volunteers.

2017 DAF XF 480 FT tractor, this one has the lower Space Cab.

It’s towing a 2017 D-TEC Portmaster semi-trailer for hauling shipping containers.

Every year classic buses and coaches transport the visitors from the DAF factory to the museum and vice versa. This public transport bus of yore is a 1962 DAF TB102DD520, that’s a rolling bus chassis, with a Den Oudsten body.

2016 DAF CF 400 FAT 6×4 dump truck, powered by a 10.8 liter MX-11 engine. This truck’s legal maximum GVM is 28,000 kg (61,700 lbs).

It’s also equipped with a chassis-mounted crane.

The necessary tools are all aboard.

And that was that for this year’s edition of the DAF Museum Days, my only Must Absolutely Visit yearly car and truck show.

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