Bus Stop Classic: 1964 DAF Tractor – 1963 DAF Semi-Trailer – Deckers Bus Body


Right after the Second World War large numbers of buses were needed to recover the public transport system. Buses based on semi-trailers were more rapidly available, and cheaper, than complete (foreign) rolling bus chassis. The bus bodies, mounted on single axle DAF AA semi-trailers, were built by Verheul, Werkspoor, De Schelde and Fokker. Initially the tractor units were Crossleys from Manchester UK.


In 1948 the well-known Philips company from Eindhoven founded VIPRE: Vervoer Industrieel Personeel Regio Eindhoven, that’s the transportation of industrial personnel in the Eindhoven-area. In the morning and in the evening the tractors towed the semi-trailer buses. During the day the same tractors were towing semi-trailers loaded with Philips products. Later the VIPRE bus company also transported employees for other companies, like DAF.

The Beukenlaan (Beeches Lane) in Eindhoven in the late fifties, literally filled with VIPRE buses (Photo courtesy of Stichting Eindhoven in Beeld / Jan Weijers).


This fully restored semi-trailer started its career as one of those Philips VIPRE buses and has been converted into a camper.



The bus body by coachbuilder Deckers from Leiden is built on a 1963 DAF AA1600-960B semi-trailer chassis.


The tractor is a 1964 DAF T13, more commonly known as a (first gen) DAF Torpedo, with a turbocharged 5.75 liter 6-cylinder DS 575 diesel engine.


1943 DAF pre-studies of public transport, displayed in the DAF Museum. A double-decker semi-trailer bus included.


There’s a recently restored combination in the museum too. This is the best picture I could take that day.

In the next -and last- article we will have a look at a real specialty, a Philips experiment that didn’t work out quite well.

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