CC Global: 2017 Oogstdagen (Harvest Days) – Modern Agricultural Machinery

The Oogstdagen-event is held every year in the month of August. It’s a combination of an exhibition of recent and new farm machinery, a classic farm tractor show, demonstrations and (fun) games. So for a change, here’s something completely different than the usual car and truck show reports.

This article highlights some of the machinery that can be seen on our roads and in our fields these days.

Here’s one Fendt 722 Vario tractor with three Krone EasyCut disc mowers.

The Fendt 722 Vario has a 220 hp 6.1 liter inline-six Deutz engine.

The linkage and PTO at the tractor’s front.

The rear mowers are fully retractable for driving on-road.

Here’s how the power goes to the rear mowers.

The combination is owned by Loonbedrijf Dekkers, a loonbedrijf is an agricultural contractor. The company brought some fine pieces of their machinery to the event.

This Fendt 716 Vario has the same Deutz engine as the 722 further above, yet with 165 hp. Fendt’s 700-series ranges from 145 to 240 hp. Fendt, an AGCO company, is highly regarded in agriculture.

The diesel fuel filler neck is on the right side, on top of the tank. The small filler neck on the left, with the light blue cap, is for the AdBlue fluid.

The 716 is towing a Krone Swadro 1400 rotary rake with four rotors. The tine arms can be folded mechanically.

It was not easy to capture the whole rig in one picture…Never mind, here are some bicycles to boot.

2012 New Holland FR9050 harvester.

New Holland harvesters and combines for the European market are built in Zedelgem, Belgium. As you can read the FR9050 at the show weighs a healthy 14,600 kg (32,187 lbs).

A New Holland T7.230 with a Krone ZX 450 GD self loading -or harvester filled- forage wagon.

The New Holland is equipped with a 225 hp 6.7 liter inline-six FPT engine, FPT stands for Fiat Powertrain Technologies.

The forage wagon, built by Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH, is rated at a maximum GVM of 24,000 kg (52,911 lbs).

This picture shows how the wagon is attached to the tractor and the PTO drive shaft from tractor to wagon.

A John Deere 6115R with a laser guided Bos land leveler.

A Claas Arion 550 towing a Veenhuis tandem axle dump trailer.

Claas comes from Germany, the company builds all kinds of agricultural machinery. Their Arion 550 tractor is powered by a 4.5 liter four-cylinder DPS (Deere Power Systems) engine, good for 163 hp.

Jan Veenhuis Machinefabriek B.V. is a Dutch manufacturer of dump trailers.

This rig is used for driving lessons; since July 1, 2015 you need a tractor driving license when you want to drive on public roads with heavy farm machinery. If you already had a car driving license on said date, then you automatically have a tractor driving license. So the whole procedure is meant for the newcomers with a minimum age of 16 years.

Keep in mind that the machines have become big, powerful, fast (up to 50-60 km/h), heavy and more complex. And these behemoths are driven on all kinds of public roads very frequently. There were just too many bad accidents involving farm equipment, something had to be done.

Did I just mention behemoths?

Meet Mr. John Deere (a 7230R, 269 hp from its 6.8 liter engine)…

…towing a Belgian Joskin Trans-KTP 27/65 dump trailer with a payload capacity of 27,000 kg (59,525 lbs).

Strictly speaking this isn’t agriculture, but earth moving. It’s very common though that agricultural contractors also do that kind of jobs.

Are these super singles or what? Furthermore the Joskin trailer has hydraulic suspension and forced steering on the first and third axle.

Now let’s calm down a bit with this simple yet robust Deutz-Fahr Agrolux 4.80 e, sitting in the shade.

And a Massey Ferguson 5611 Dyna-4. MF is another AGCO brand.

A flatbed trailer used as a display for lawn mowers.

The smallest rolling machinery I could find were these Jonsered lawn mowers from Sweden.

Coming up next: classic farm tractors