Engine History: The Chevy 250 Six Was Built in Brazil Until 1998, With Fuel Injection And Tuning by Lotus

chevrolet omega -41_key_6

(first posted 10/21/2013)     This is not how you’re probably used to having a Chevy 250 six look. North American Chevy sixes had one barrel carbs, and were never offered in any state of tune except mild. But In Brazil, the long-lived six as used in the Opala and Comodoro and Diplomata and ultimately the Omega continued to be developed further. For the first three years of the Omega, it used an Opel 3 Liter six, But for 1995, the 250 (now called 4.1) was sent to Lotus for a working-over. The result was fuel injection and other modernization, and 168 net hp; roughly about the same as the four-barrel OHC Pontiac Sprint six (215-230 gross hp).

Chevrolet Omega 4.1

Here’s the car it was used in. This is the generation of Omega before the one that was sent stateside as the Catera. As the story is told, Lotus built a DOHC head for the 4.1, which was good for 250-300 hp. But GM Brazil decided to stick to the lower-cost version with a reworked OHV head. It only lasted until 1998, when the next gen Brazilian Omega was imported from Holden, a re-badged Calais, with the 3.8 L V6.