CC Global: 2017 Scania S 450 6×2 Truck And 2009 Burg Semi-Trailer – Maximizing Volume

Given the current legislation regarding vehicle dimensions, around 160 m³ (5,650 ft³ ) is the maximum cargo volume of an enclosed on-road combination in the Netherlands. A prime example of such a big rig is this Burg semi-trailer, towed by a Scania truck. It’s a so called ecocombi with an overall length of 25.25 m (82’10”) and a legal maximum GVM of 60 metric tons.

The towing vehicle, a 2017 Scania S 450 6×2 truck with low profile tires (450 DIN-hp from a 12.7 liter inline-6).

This is the connection between the truck and the semi-trailer, a 2009 Burg tandem converter dolly.

Here’s where the dolly is hooked up to the truck. Also visible, the Scania’s liftable single-wheeled tag axle is up.

The dolly’s fifth-wheel coupling…

…and its own full tail light bar and vehicle registration plate.

Burg also built the semi-trailer, equipped with a liftable second axle and steering third axle. The Ravenhorst company made the curtain side bodies for the truck and the semi-trailer.

Lang-LKW (Lastkraftwagen), it says on the sign. That’s German for a long commercial vehicle/ecocombi. The combination is allowed to drive into Germany, however, at a maximum GVM of 40 metric tons (the Germans just can’t overcome their heavy truck phobia).

Needless to mention there a more differences between the Dutch and German regulations regarding these ecocombis. No harmonization whatsoever. What’s new?