CC Global: 2017 Scania Tractor And 2017 Vogelzang Semi-Trailer – Clean Tanker For Dirty Liquids

The cheerful and spotless appearance of this combination doesn’t quite reflect what it’s hauling. Liquid manure, mainly. Of course any other form of liquids that go way beyond dishwater can be transported in its big tank, like wastewater and sludge.

The tractor is a Scania R 450 4×2 with a 9 tons heavy-duty front axle. Underneath its cab a 12.7 liter inline-6 with a maximum power output of 450 DIN-hp.

The Scania tows a Vogelzang semi-trailer with a Kuipers Woudsend stainless steel tank. The semi-trailer’s first and third axle are steering axles, the first axle is also liftable. This combination can crawl around a tight corner like a caterpillar.

The tank capacity is 36 m³. That’s 36,000 L. Or 36,000 kg if the load is water at a temperature of approx. 4° C. There’s your metric system in short. The semi-trailer’s payload capacity is rated at 37,170 kg, whereas the rig’s legal maximum GVM is 50,000 kg.

You must have heard of Steer-By-Wire. Well, this is Steer-By-Cable. No electronics though, it’s a fully mechanical system that has been around for decades. Pictured the first axle.

This is the third axle of the semi-trailer.

As with all mechanical systems, the steering of the axle(s) directly follows the position of the tractor’s fifth-wheel coupling. Bulthuis supplies their system to Vogelzang, both manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers belong to the same parent company, VB Trailerbouw from the Netherlands.

Pomper is the name of the owner of this immaculate combination. How appropriate, that’s Dutch for pumper. Speaking of which, the pump’s capacity is 6 m³/minute. You can do the rest of the maths yourself.

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