CC Global: 2017 Volvo FH16 6×2 Tractor And 2013 Vogelzang Semi-Trailer – Prize-Winning Brick Hauler

This outstanding combination was the 2017 show contest winner at our largest yearly trucking festival. Its daily job is transporting bricks – Bon Jovi style. The special and very powerful Volvo is towing a Vogelzang semi-trailer. In this branch of road haulage, similar configurations are widely used in my country.

The 6×2 tractor has a liftable tag lazy axle with dual wheels. It’s powered by Volvo’s 16.1 liter inline-6 engine with an earthquaking and brick house shaking 750 hp.

A rugged flatbed semi-trailer with tall (dropside type) sideboards and a self-propelled roller crane on the cargo bed. Yep, that’s a typical brick hauler alright.

The big storage box on the left side of the semi-trailer.

Here’s the diesel powered crane, the two longitudinal grooves in the cargo bed are its tracks.

The semi-trailer’s first axle, on the left, is liftable. The other two are steering axles. Each axle has a maximum axle load of 10,000 kg.

The Vogelzang’s registered maximum GVM is a healthy 48,000 kg. Add up the Volvo’s curb weight of 9,646 kg and the grand total is an even more healthy rounded 58,000 kg. For the time being, let’s forget the legal maximum GVM of 50,000 kg (110,231 lbs), shall we?

As mentioned above, the second and third axle of the semi-trailer are steering axles. If the tractor makes a turn, the semi-trailer swings to the outside of the bend, instead of literally taking a shortcut.

This video shows the combination -and its owner- at work, including unloading palletized non-Swedish bricks.