CC Outtake: Subaru Baja – The Alternative to Big 4×4 Crew Cab Trucks


Not trying to stir up another anti-pickup hornet’s nest, but when I saw these next to each other in front of Harbor Freight, I couldn’t resist. Especially since the Subaru Baja has been butched-up some. And whe the owner came out, he told me a bit about his further plans for it, as in a six cylinder engine.


This Baja is a work in progress, and the owner is a hard core Baja freak. This one is going to be getting the H6 engine from an Outback, as well as a transmission from a non-US Subaru with the reduction gear for serious off-roading. Which is what he has in mind, as in a major cross-continental trip in Australia. Seems like an Outback would somehow be more name-appropriate, but…


I forgot some of the details, but it was something to do with lots of transmissions, the kind with the low-low gear. Was he bringing back several hundred from Australia so as to use them to build more of these super-Bajas? Something like that. Let’s just say he’s really into these.

It’s nice to know these Bajas are loved by some folks, as they were a sales disappointment when they were new. Will Stopford did a post on the Baja here.

I rather like it. But then you know how I have a thing for the oddball underdogs of the car world, especially if they have a high utility value. The Baja has all those bases covered.