CC Global: 2018 Scania R520 6×2 Truck And 2012 GS Meppel Trailer – Big Bags Of Bricks Delivery Service

Sitting in a quiet corner on a Sunday afternoon, already loaded up for its first ride on Monday morning. A fairly new Scania truck with a hooklift system and a GS Meppel drawbar trailer. The combination’s job is to haul open top containers, loaded with paving bricks, either in bulk or in big bags.

The hooklift system can put the containers on and off the truck and trailer, it can also be used to empty the containers by tipping them. The latter is not wise when the bricks are neatly packed in bags, as is clearly the case here, so some further study is needed…

Starting with the truck, a 2018 Scania R520 6×2, equipped with a VDL hooklift system. Other VDL products, among other things, are buses and coaches.

The Scania, powered by a 16.4 liter V8, is rated at a GVM of 29 metric tons; 10 tons maximum axle load for the front axle, 11.5 tons for the drive axle and 7.5 metric tons for the liftable tag axle.

Both the Kennis crane and the container are mounted on a frame, the hookarm (on the right, in black) hoists the whole unit aboard the truck. The PTO driven crane is used to load and unload the bags.

At the bottom of the picture, the diesel fuel tank and a small separate tank for the AdBlue -diesel exhaust- fluid. AdBlue, blue cap. Can’t go wrong.

De Oude Klinker, The Old Clinker. As in clinker paving brick, in this case.

Here’s the 2012 GS Meppel drawbar trailer, rated at a GVM of 30 metric tons; 10 tons maximum axle load for each axle, the second axle is liftable. The sum of truck plus trailer is 59 metric tons. However, our legal weight limit for such a combination is 50 metric tons.

Our rather formal name for a trailer like this is an autonome aanhangwagen, literally an autonomous trailer. Simply said, that’s a trailer that can stand on its own wheels when disconnected.

As mentioned, the truck’s hooklift system is also used to put the container on and off the trailer, in which case the truck and trailer are parked back to back. Hence, the container’s cargo doors are at the front of the trailer, see?

At this point, a connection is made.

Bags today, bulk tomorrow. A clever combination for sure.

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