CC Global: 2018 Scania S 650 Conventional 6×2 Truck – Made To Order, Yet Not By Scania

In October 2005, Swedish Scania ended the production of conventional trucks and tractors. But the Dutch Vlastuin company continued building them, with the factory cabover as a starting point. Think of tailor-made, vintage coachbuilder kind of delivery numbers.

In August 2016, Scania introduced their next generation of cabovers. Vlastuin picked up the gauntlet to design and build an all-new nose job, as there was nothing to go on this time.

An example of the current, factory product.

The cabover’s entire lower unit is left intact. The whole cab is moved backwards and a hood completes the conversion from a cabover to a conventional. Well, that’s the very short and simplified description of Vlastuin’s special job.

It almost speaks for itself that a 16.4 liter, V8 Viking Hammer comes with the package.

Typically, such open low bed trucks with low profile tires are used to transport wheeled or tracked machinery. Owner Hardeman is in the insulation business (FYI, isolatie means both isolation and insulation).

Some live action, Hardeman’s truck following an S 650 conventional tractor.

Vlastuin also builds trailers and semi-trailers under the VTR Trailer brand name.

That’s one mean, low-riding machine! The 650 hp truck is rated at a GVM of 28,000 kg, the trailer at 30,000 kg. Nonetheless, the legal maximum GVM of the whole combination is 50,000 kg.

The trailer is extendable, as this picture clearly shows.

The fold down front board is a clever finishing touch.

So far, Vlastuin built 13 Next Gen conventionals, with number 5 for the Hardeman company.

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