CC Global: 2019 Ginaf X6 4243 S – Desperado, The Blazing Asphalt Hauler

If a mainstream truck maker doesn’t build a vehicle that can take full advantage of the existing legislation, you’ll have to ask a customizer to help you out. And then I’m not even talking about a special interior, paint job or a pair of stacks.

A specific segment of the Dutch heavy truck market is too much of a niche for the globally operating manufacturers. The market is simply too small for the big players to be of any commercial interest, so the demand -taking full advantage of the existing legislation- is met by local specialists.

One of those specialists is Ginaf. The starting point for the creation of Desperado was a DAF factory 8×4 chassis. This dump truck features the cab of DAF’s top model, the XF-series, which is quite unique. Usually, modern-era Ginafs have a CF-series day cab; the CF is DAF’s mid-sizer.

Ginaf (Van Ginkel’s Automobiel Fabriek) builds all kinds of special vehicles, their on-/off-road trucks are fully based on rolling DAF chassis.

Powered by DAF-PACCAR, more specifically, the 12.9 liter MX-13 engine. Its maximum power output is 530 DIN-hp. Certainly not overpowered, as the Ginaf frequently tows a drawbar trailer with an asphalt paver on its bed.

Now to meeting the Dutch demands: a higher GVM rating, combined with improved maneuverability. Regarding the weight, Ginaf’s chassis conversion resulted in an increase of the legal maximum GVM from 39 to a staggering 43 metric tons (94,800 lbs).

To put things into perspective, the maximum GVM of a trans-European big rig (either a truck and trailer or a tractor and semi-trailer) with 5 axles is 40 metric tons (88,185 lbs).

A standard factory tandem, regardless the truck maker, is rated at a total maximum axle load of 19 metric tons. Ginaf increases the axle spacing, which leads to 2 separate drive axles with an axle load of 11.5 metric tons each. So that’s that, 4 metric tons extra GVM.

The company also converted the rearmost drive axle into a steering drive axle by installing electronically controlled, hydraulic cylinders. Above a speed of 45 km/h, the steering system is automatically deactivated. There you go, improved maneuverability.

The front steering axles are rated at a maximum axle load of 10 metric tons each, DAF offers them as factory products.

The dump bed’s underside and the truck’s auxiliary frame, sprayed in the same shade of yellow. Just one of the finishing touches.

Here’s another finishing touch. The letters WD are the initials for Willem Diepeveen, the owner-operator. I bet you didn’t notice the letters at first sight.

Mr. Diepeveen’s former Desperado, a 2007 Ginaf X 4241 S (410 DIN-hp, 41 metric tons GVM, DAF CF-series day cab).

I took these pictures in May 2017, back then the truck was almost 10 years old. It must take a lot of dedication to keep your machines in such a spotless condition, given the work they have to do. Well done WD!

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