CC Global: 2020 Volvo FH 6×2 – Comfort Class Transport

2020 Volvo FH with full trailer - livestock

A fully automatic ventilation system with optional (G3) filtration mats. Automatic temperature control, constantly monitored. A drinking water system. Overpressure in the perfectly illuminated interior. Insulated roof and sides. Now just to be clear, those are some hallmarks of modern livestock bodies.

But I’m sure the driver doesn’t want for anything either, sitting high and comfortably in the Volvo cab, both overseeing and overlooking things. The truck is powered by a 12.8 liter turbo-compound diesel engine with a maximum power output of 510 DIN-hp.

The rig’s configuration is higly common: a truck with three axles (usually with a 6×2 drivetrain), towing a full trailer with three axles, thus forming a 50 metric tons combination (equal to the Dutch gross vehicle weight limit).

The Cuppers company built the full trailer and both livestock bodies. Fresh air is brought into the interior from the right side, through all the vents you see in the picture. The air leaves the interior through the vents in the left side panels. This cross ventilation system also secures an overpressure inside the bodies.

Here’s another “cattlecruiser” for the Hans Snel hauling company, also built by Cuppers. By now, the national and international transport of livestock is only done by specialized and experienced professionals, who invest heavily in the latest and most animal friendly equipment. And that’s a good thing.

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