CC Global: 2021 Truck Show Twenthe – Final Report

Iveco S-Way tractors

Starting the show’s last tour with an array of Iveco S-Way tractors, the truck maker’s top model since 2019. They may look familiar to the BEV trucking business followers, as the Nikola Tre is fully based on the Iveco S-Way.

2021 Iveco S-Way tractor - 1

2021 Iveco S-Way tractor - 2

Open door policy. Just two months old when the show was held, this 2021 Iveco S-Way 6×2/4 tractor (three axles in total, one drive axle, two steering axles). It’s powered by the 12.9 liter FPT Cursor 13 engine.

2020 Volvo FH tractor Lubbers

2020 Volvo FH, this is a quintessential top segment Euro-tractor: a tall COE with a 4×2 drivetrain and powered by a 13-liter-class turbodiesel.

2016 Scania R450 tractor Valke

2016 Scania R450 6×2/4. It looks a bit sinister, but I like it very much anyway.

2001 Volvo NH12 6x4 tractor

2001 Volvo NH12 6×4 tractor. A heavy dude, soldiering on just fine. The NH-series, primarily developed for the South American market, was the last conventional Volvo model offered in Europe. It was only available for a few years.

2020 Scania R520 V8 tractor Eshuis

2020 Scania R520 V8. Currently, Scania’s 16.4 liter 90 degrees V8 is offered with a maximum power output of 530, 590, 660 and 770 hp. The maximum torque of the most powerful version is 3,700 Nm~2,729 lb-ft @ 1,000 – 1,450 rpm. For the time being, the undisputed King of the Mountains and LCVs (long combination vehicles).

2018 DAF XF 480 FT tractor Duijghuijzen

2018 DAF XF 480 FT, powered by the 12.9 liter MX-13 inline-six, momma Paccar’s biggest own engine.

2021 Volvo FH tractor Dekker

2021 Volvo FH 6×2/4.

1972 Scania L140 tractor - 1

1972 Scania L140 tractor

1972 Scania L140 tractor. The first conventional Scania model with their 14 liter V8, initially 350 hp, from the mid-seventies onwards 375 hp. The cab came straight from the 110/140-series COE, as introduced in 1969.

2019 Scania R520 V8 tractor Morssink

2019 Scania R520 V8 6×2/4, bright and shiny.

2020 Scania S650 V8 tractor Van der Eijk

2020 Scania S650 V8 6×2, so with a liftable tag axle, which is the rearmost axle. The S is taller than the R-series and comes with a flat cab floor. The top of the line, in other words. Many (self employed) drivers see a Scania V8 with an S cab as the ne plus ultra of on-highway trucking. Like a Peterbilt or Kenworth with a 15 liter Cummins in the US, I guess.

2021 MAN TGX 18.510 tractor Leemans

2021 MAN TGX 18.510 tractor. Thanks to its heavy front axle, the MAN is rated at a legal maximum gross weight of 20,500 kg (45,195 lbs). That’s the sum of the 9,000 kg steering axle and 11,500 kg drive axle.

2010 DAF CF 85.410 container carrier - 1

2010 DAF CF 85.410 container carrier - 2

2010 DAF CF 85.410 container carrier with a day cab.

2021 Renault Master box truck

2021 Renault Master 2.3 dCi box truck.

2021 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter panel van

An electric 2021 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter panel van. The Master and Sprinter are playing in the same league of full-size vans and light trucks.

1991 Scania 143m V8 tractor

1991 Scania 143m tractor with a 420 hp V8, all information is right there on its front. The letter m refers to a medium-heavy chassis, whereas the h stood for heavy and the e for extra heavy (think of special and heavy haulage).

Scania 143m V8 Streamline tractor

Another Scania 143m-420, yet with the aerodynamic Streamline package. The factory Streamline aero-suit became optional in 1991, four years after the introduction of the truck maker’s 3-series.

MAN TGL 12.250 box truck - 1

MAN TGL 12.250 box truck - 2

MAN TGL 12.250 box truck, as demonstrated.

2021 DAF XG 480 FT tractors

Last summer, DAF unveiled their brand new generation of heavy vehicles, the XF/XG/XG+. There were two identical XG 480 FT tractors on display at the show.

2021 DAF XG 480 FT 4x2 tractor

DAF already sold 15,000 units of the new generation before the start of the series production in early November 2021, a blazing success!

Truck manufacturer DAF kept on updating and refreshing the previous XF generation until they knew exactly how the new EU cab-length legislation would work out, so that the whole package could be fully integrated in the design of its successor (these new regulations went into effect on September 1, 2020).

All that resulted in a significant head start. So far, no other truck maker can offer such an aerodynamic and safe cab-over with so much interior space.

Scania De Ridder

Back to the show. A highly appropriate livery, as the owner’s name is Frank the Knight. So move over Michael, here’s the real Knight Rider.

Scania R 6x2 tractor Norway - 1

Scania R 6x2 tractor Norway - 2

A trucker from Norway drove this Scania R-series 6×2 tractor to the party. On the back of the cab: For the money, for the glory and for the fun. Mostly for the fun. So I guess this outstanding set of wheels is powered by a V8.

2010 DAF XF 105.510 tractor

2010 DAF XF 105.510 with the Super Space Cab.

2016 Volvo FH tractor Koeriersdienst Rijssen

What a splendid shade of blue on this 2016 Volvo FH.

2021 Volvo FH 6x2 curtainsider

2021 Volvo FH 6×2 curtainsider. GVWR 28 metric tons, which means it may tow a 22 tons trailer -when both fully loaded- to reach the Dutch legal maximum gross weight limit of 50 tons (110,231 lbs).

2013 DAF XF 105.460 tractor Bolk

And yet another 6×2/4 tractor, this 2013 DAF XF 105.460 with a Space Cab. Lower than a Super Space Cab, but that speaks for itself.

2020 Scania S500 tractor Nieuwenweg

2020 Scania S500 tractor from a Dukes of Hazzard & John Denver fan.

2021 MAN TGX 4x2 truck - 1

2021 MAN TGX truck, carrying a swap body.

2021 MAN TGX 4x2 truck - 2

Exactly the same type of MAN, yet six days older, registration-wise.

Euro tractors - line-up

One last look behind the scenes of this successful and well organized gathering. May the big wheels keep on turning!