CC Global: 2022 Truck Show Asten – Summery Summary

Schouwstra - 2022 DAF XG+ 480 FT - 1

Valhalla, that’s what it says above the entry door of this Scandinavia Liner. The 2022 DAF XG+ 480 FT must give the driver some majestic (air) ride then. For the time being, an XG+ does have the biggest factory tilt cab on the market, that’s for sure.

The semi hails from Texel, the largest of the Dutch Wadden islands, up north. Not too far away from the Scandinavian countries, further up north.

Schouwstra - 2022 DAF XG+ 480 FT - 2

The DAF tows a 2022 Krone tridem axle semi-trailer with an insulated body and a slider liftgate.

De Wit - 1992 Scania 143m 450 V8

The Scania 3-series is becoming a popular classic in the world of trucking, preferably powered by the 14.2 liter V8, so with model designation 143 (14 liter, 3-series). Here’s a 1992 143M-450 4×2 tractor with the optional Streamline aero-package.

Daly Plastics - 2019 Volvo FH16-750 6x2*4 - 1

Daly Plastics - 2019 Volvo FH16-750 6x2*4 - 2

2019 Volvo FH16-750 6×2*4 truck with a Palfinger Epsilon crane. When at work, it’s usually towing a full trailer with three axles.

Kraemer - 2018 Scania S650 V8 6x2

2018 Scania S650 V8 6×2 tractor, running on the Fuel of Satan, driven by Louis Cyphre. Would you like an egg?

Iveco S-Way 4x2 tractor

An Iveco S-Way 4×2 tractor from Germany.

Ter Horst - 2010 DAF CF 85 6x2*4

2010 DAF CF 85 6×2*4 container carrier for transporting all kinds of waste material, like construction debris.

DAF XD-series

On a related note, last September DAF introduced the new XD-series, the CF’s successor.

Lenz - Scania 164l 480 V8 4x2 tractor

Scania 164L-480 4×2 tractor with a 15.6 liter V8, brought to the show by the German Lenz company. The 164 was offered from 2001 to 2004, which means this one is around 20 years old by now. Still looking mighty fine!

Lenz - Scania R 6x2 truck with VW T1 bus

A scale 1/1 diorama, featuring a Volkswagen T1 bus, resting comfortably on a more recent Scania R-series truck in Lenz livery.

Van Dalen - 2021 Volvo FH16-750 6x2 - 1

Van Dalen - 2021 Volvo FH16-750 6x2 - 1

2021 Volvo FH16-750 6×2 tractor. Bruce The Boss Springsteen performs on stage after Bon Jovi.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Actros L 1845 GigaSpace 4x2 tractor

A rather bland-looking Mercedes-Benz demo tractor, considering this is the high-end Actros L with their largest cab, the GigaSpace.

2022 MAN TGX Commander GX 4x2 tractor

See, this is how to present a ‘loaded’ top model. A MAN TGX Commander GX tractor, obviously with a 510 hp engine.

Geelhoed - 2020 DAF XF 480 FT - 1

Geelhoed - 2020 DAF XF 480 FT - 2

An outstanding 2020 DAF XF 480 FT Super Space Cab tractor (essentially Valhalla’s predecessor) with a 2019 Van Hool semi-trailer, carrying an intermodal tank container. Van Hool from Belgium is also well-known for their buses and coaches, the family business was founded in 1947.

The compact combo is rated at a GCVW of 46,500 kg (102,515 lbs), being short doesn’t say anything about gross weight or payload capacity over here.

Geelhoed - 2020 DAF XF 480 FT - 3

On the other hand, with its 400 cm (157.5”) wheelbase, Geelhoed’s DAF is a long as a European 4×2 tractor gets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the DAF can swallow around 1,500 liters (395 US gallons) of diesel fuel, the total capacity of two tanks, that is with a fuel tank on either side of the chassis.

Van Liempd - 2020 Volvo FH 8x4*4 - 1

2020 Volvo FH 8×4*4 truck with a hooklift hoist. Such an axle configuration has a smaller turning circle than an equally long, traditional 8×4 chassis with both steering axles at the front.

Van Liempd - 2020 Volvo FH 8x4*4 - 2

And that must be Van Liempd’s corporate stepladder.

So far for my 2022 truck show articles. Most likely, the 2023 reports will follow next year.