CC Global: 2022 Truck Show Milheeze – Part One

Truck show Milheeze April 2022

It was a compact show I visited last April, yet with a wide range of modern and heavy on-road vehicles on display. Plus a good number of European and American classics. Let’s explore the well-kept brick yard.

Biemans - Scania Knapen - 1

Biemans - Scania Knapen - 2

Biemans - Scania Knapen - 3

2017 Scania R450 tractor with a 2018 Knapen moving (aka walking) floor semi-trailer.

Piet Knapen’s demo video shows how it all works.

Havens - DAF XF Welgro - 1

Havens - DAF XF Welgro - 2

Delivering animal feed in style, a 2021 DAF XF 480 FT tractor with a 2021 Welgro dry bulk tanker semi-trailer.

Havens - DAF XF Welgro - 3

I wouldn’t dare.

Geurts - DAF CF Welgro - 1

Geurts - DAF CF Welgro - 2

A similar combination, a 2008 Welgro semi-trailer, coupled to a 2019 DAF CF 450 FT. You can read much more about this type of dedicated semis right here.

1977 Mack Cruise-Liner 6x4 tractor - 1

1977 Mack Cruise-Liner 6x4 tractor - 2

1977 Mack Cruise-Liner 6×4 tractor. Based on its registered displacement, maximum power output and number of cylinders, I came to the conclusion that it must be powered by a Mack ETAZ 673A engine, also known as the “300-Plus”. That’s a 315 hp, 673, inline-six turbodiesel with intercooling.

1993 Renault R 340 t.i. Major and 1977 Mack Cruise-Liner

The Cruise-Liner was parked next to a 1993 Renault R340ti Major 4×2 tractor. In the not-so-distant past, Renault V.I. owned Mack. And then along came Volvo Trucks.

Now about the tilt cab on that Renault. It’s fully based on a design that was originally introduced in 1971. But not by Renault.

1974 Berliet TR 280

In said year, Berliet, an esteemed French truck maker of yore, unveiled their new GR/TR-series of heavy trucks and tractors. Pictured above a 1974 Berliet TR 280 (as in 280 hp). Just look how fresh and modern that cab is still looking! It has aged really well, as they say.

In 1974, Berliet was sold to Renault and the GR/TR became the Renault R-series later on. After several updates, Berliet’s authentic cab design lasted till 1996.

Ford Transcontinental 4435 6x2 tractor

Besides Renault, Ford also thought the Berliet cab was a fine idea. Meet the high-rise, 1975-1984 Ford Transcontinental for the European market.

Now back on track with another ol’ Mack.

1943 Mack LMSW-53 wrecker - 1

1943 Mack LMSW-53 wrecker - 2

An imposing 1943 Mack LMSW 53 wrecker. In its earliest form, this series of gasoline powered, military wreckers worked for the Canadian Army. At some point, the brute got a diesel engine under its hood.

Albers - 2022 DAF XG 480 FT

2022 DAF XG 480 FT, powered by the MX-13 engine. DAF’s new generation of heavy vehicles in the top segment is an instant commercial success. The XG is sitting in the middle of the series, as the latest XF is shorter and lower (cab-wise) and the XG+ is even taller.

Aldenzee - 2021 Renault Master - 1

Aldenzee - 2021 Renault Master - 2

2021 Renault Master 2.3 dCi full-size panel van. The letters LMB stand for landbouwmechanisatiebedrijf. That’s an agriculturemechanizationbusiness.

1965 Volvo L 475 flatbed truck

1965 Volvo L475 flatbed truck.

1975 Bedford TK flatbed truck - 1

1975 Bedford TK flatbed truck - 2

1975 Bedford TK flatbed truck - 3

1975 Bedford TK flatbed truck - 4

1975 Bedford TK flatbed truck. Apart from the UK, the TK -introduced in 1959- also sold really well in Belgium and the Netherlands. The same applied to the comparable 1965-1981 Ford D-series. They were both great all-rounders.

Van Tilburg - 2016 DAF XF 460 FT

2016 DAF XF 460 FT tractor with a temperature controlled semi-trailer.

Sprankenis - 2018 Mercedes-Benz Atego recovery truck

2018 Mercedes-Benz Atego recovery truck. The Atego is the next step up from the Sprinter, GVWR from 6.5 to 16 metric tons.

Legro - 2014 Scania R410 6x2/4

2014 Scania R410 6×2/4 tractor.

Bouten - 1984 DAF FA 900

1984 DAF FA 900 truck with the Club of Four tilt cab.

Knijnenburg - 2016 Iveco Daily 50C17

2016 Iveco Daily 50C17 car transporter, truck bed and body built by the Tijhof company.

Knijnenburg - 2020 Tijhof tandem axle trailer - 1

Knijnenburg - 2020 Tijhof tandem axle trailer - 2

The Iveco has plenty of grunt to tow this 2020 Tijhof tandem axle trailer, VAG-freight included.

1978 Scania LBS 141 V8 - 1

1978 Scania LBS 141 V8 - 2

Any old Scania with a V8 has become a popular collectible. Like this 1978 Scania LBS 141 (LB = forward control, S = 6×2 chassis). Orange Pete is featured in part two, together with many others.