CC Global: 2022 Volvo FH 6×2/4 Tractor And 2022 Vogelzang Semi-Trailer – Running Short

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 1

A compact semi with six axles, perfectly capable of turning on a dime. And those are some sturdy crane outriggers at the back. The short stakes are also noticeable. By all means, this is dedicated equipment for placing and collecting steel road and trench plates at construction sites and such.

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 2

The Vogelzang tridem axle flatbed semi-trailer is only 11.17 m (36’8”) long. Typically, the overall length of a standard Euro semi-trailer is 13.60 m (44’7”). But when you’re hauling those weighty steel road plates, you don’t need a long bed. That would only be a nuisance.

The crane, with a vertically liftable cab, is a Palfinger Epsilon S290Z-HPLS (in case you want to look up its specs). Such cranes are also common in the logging business.

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 3

Now hang in there! (photo courtesy of the Pladdet company)

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 4

Come on let’s twist again, like we did last summer. A straightforward yet effective Bulthuis cable-controlled steering system in full swing.

Vogelzang, Bulthuis and D-Tec (another Dutch semi-trailer manufacturer) are all operating under the umbrella of the Vlastuin Group B.V.

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 5

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 6

A Volvo FH 6×2/4 tractor is in charge of things. The tank behind the cab contains the hydraulic fluid, so the Volvo is also perfectly capable of towing an end dump semi-trailer, given the field the owner is working in.

Van de Beeten - Volvo FH-Vogelzang - 7

Remote control is likely part of the deal, which means the trucker can still drive the Volvo while working as a crane operator.