CC Global: CCs From Shenzhen, China

image1 rear 1200

My name is Chen Kai Wei, I live in Guangdong Province, China (in the city of Shenzhen) I have been a daily reader of CC for over three years.

image2 fr 1200

These photos were taken in the parking spaces at my local supermarket (RenRenLe) in ShuiWei Village. Villages in Shenzhen is not used in the same term as in a normal farming villages; they all have became part of the metropolis that is Shenzhen.

image3 V8 800

Here in Shenzhen we have quite a few CC from around the world, BOF American irons are not as rare as one might think in the US. On the other end of the spectrum, I once saw 1st gen Dodge Neon on the street!

image4 spare 1200

During the 80-90s, the import tax was very high in China, and it was close to impossible to send money out of China at the time. When these CCs came to China, they were extremely expensive (maybe 4-5 times the cost of US MSRP). A lot of them were even smuggled into China. They were really a status symbol, more so than a brand new AMG S class today! Today however they cost about 4000-5000 USD to buy, but getting tags for them is difficult, specially in the city. China has a policy of not renewing rags for cars that are 15 years old.

China 4 1200

The lime green Towncar has a plate from Guangxi province, city of Hezhou; the Regal (Chinese-built, I assume – Ed)  has a local Shenzhen plate.

China 5 1200

The Avalon had Guangdong capital Guangzhou plates.

China 7 1200

The BMW is local Shenzhen.

China 3 800

Thank you for the great work at CC, it keeps a CC guy like myself fresh everyday, with CCs (kind of ironic), thanks again!