Getting Passed On The Right By A Peugeot 505 Wagon

Peugeot 505 SW road rr

“Getting Passed on the Right” is an old saw here at CC, that started with a memorable right lane pass by a speeding bathtub Nash. It works best when the right lane passer is a bit improbable, like this Peugeot 505 wagon. Now if it had been the rare US market-only Turbo version, the probability factor would have been considerably higher. But it’s not, yet here it comes, getting ready to pass CC reader keranhwang, on US-24 near Clarkston, Michigan.

Peugeot 505 SW road f

In addition to the rather rare Turbo (gas) wagon, these came in basic gas and turbo-diesel versions. Prior to 1987, the venerable 1970 cc OHV gas four was used, which dates back to the 404, and was rated at 97 hp. Beginning in 1987, Peugeot switched to the “Douvrin” four, a joint venture engine with Renault, which displaced 2165 cc and upped power to (badly needed) 120 hp. Oddly enough, the N9T Turbo gas engine, which displaced 2155 cc was a totally different engine again, which came from the Simca/Chrysler 180 cars. Three totally different gas engines available in the same car. How exotic.

But I’m betting on this wagon having the 2498cc XD3T turbo-diesel, as the owners of these diesels tend to be a bit fanatic about them. And who but a Peugeot fanatic would be driving a 505 wagon in Clarkston, Michigan?

Peugeot 505 SW road r 1200

The turbo-diesel packed 95 hp, and was a lot less sluggish than the non-turbo-diesel four that was used so extensively in the 504 wagon, and made its sluggishness rather legendary. And here’s the proof: it’s leaving our poor shooter’s car in its (diesel) dust.

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