CC Global: Machine Carriers – Heavy Metal

Draco trailer with Volvo L70H

Dedicated, full trailers are widely used to transport heavy machines across the country. This Volvo L70H wheel loader is sitting comfortably and safely on a 2010 Draco trailer with so called wheel wells, reducing the transport height substantially.

Draco trailer with Volvo L120G

The Draco trailer is carrying an even bigger Volvo L120G here. According to the factory specs, the operating weight of this wheel loader type ranges from 18,000 to 20,700 kg (39,683 to 45,636 lbs). The registered payload capacity of the trailer is 23,220 kg (51,191 lbs), so no problemo!

Scania R730 6x2 with Draco trailer

In all cases, the trailer tower is a heavy-duty, powerful straight truck with three or four axles. Like this 2013 Scania R730 6×2 (16.4 liter V8).

730 DIN-hp used to be the maximum for the Swedish truck maker for quite some time, but recently, a 770 DIN-hp Scania V8 has been unveiled (surpassing the Volvo FH16-750).

Scania R730 6x2 with Vogelzang trailer

The same Scania, now with a 2002 Vogelzang trailer with four axles and wheel wells. Note that the wells can be bridged by placing filler pieces, resulting in a flat cargo bed. The trailer’s payload capacity is a mighty 26,920 kg (59,348 lbs).

Scania R560 tridem with Vogelzang trailer

A 2007 tridem axle Scania R560 (15.6 liter V8) is connected to the Vogelzang-Volvo L70H couple. A flatbed with dropsides was hoisted aboard the truck, instead of a more common open top container.

Macer trailer

2008 Macer with four axles, such lowbed trailers are used to carry tracked excavators, road rollers and asphalt machines. The boards, hanging down on the sides, can swing to a horizontal position; a simple, yet effective way to widen the bed. The trailer’s payload capacity is 26,500 kg (57,320 lbs).

Scania R560 8x4 heavy-haulage tractor

2010 Scania R560 8×4 heavy-haulage tractor (15.6 liter V8).

Scania R560 8x4 with Broshuis lowbed semi-trailer

There it is again, now coupled to a 2003 Broshuis lowbed semi-trailer. If things are getting too big or weighty for a full trailer, then something like this is the turnkey solution. Payload capacity: 47,140 kg (103,926 lbs).

Scania R620 10x4 heavy-haulage tractor

The heaviest, road legal, standard sized tractors have five axles. For good road manners, three of them are steering axles. Today’s final boss is a 2013 Scania R620 10×4 heavy-haulage tractor (15.6 liter V8). Viking Metal indeed, a subgenre of Heavy Metal.