CC Global: Open House Falkom Tiel – Part One, Under Construction

Falkom - Scania 8x4 wrecker - 1

Falkom is a Dutch manufacturer of recovery vehicles, based on the whole range of European truck chassis. That’s from light 4×2 trucks to heavy 10×4 jumbos.

Customers, prospects and anyone else who was interested in Falkom’s products were welcome at their open house days, held on May 12 and 13. It was an international event, as I noticed at least five different languages among the visitors (numerous Dutch accents and dialects not counting).

Falkom - MAN TGL chassis-cab - 1

Falkom - MAN TGL chassis-cab - 2

Regardless the bed, body or equipment a truck gets, the starting point is always a factory chassis-cab, as supplied by one of the heavy vehicle manufacturers. Here we have a brand new MAN TGL, a fine example of such a chassis-cab.

Falkom - MAN TGL chassis-cab - 3

You must have noticed the recovery trucks in the background. They’re bright yellow for a reason, after all. But first we’re going to have a look inside the production facilities, where the magic happens.

Falkom - DAF CF and 2x Mercedes-Benz Actros

There was this trio to start with, still in an early stage of the whole transformation.

Falkom - DAF CF - 1

A DAF CF 300 FAN (6×2*4) with some major frame modifications and reinforcements.

Falkom - DAF CF - 2

Falkom - DAF CF - 3

Now this is how to showcase your craftsmanship and explain it to the public, with a drawing of the final product and some basic information in three languages. Not to mention that it saves me a lot of time to find out what it’s all about and then translate it.

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x2 - 1

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x2 - 2

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x2 - 3

See what I mean?

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Actros 6x2*4

This Mercedes-Benz Actros 6×2*4 already got its crane, made by MKG from Germany.

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4x4 - 1

From the sliding deck trucks to a collection of imposing (future) wreckers, a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4×4 was one of them.

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4x4 - 2

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4x4 - 3

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4x4 - 4

It’s for sale, so grab your chance and surprise everybody with your new Mercedes-Benz SUV. Or is it a crossover?

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 - 1

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 - 2

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 - 3

Falkom - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 - 4

This brawny Benz is going to Denmark, once finished.

Falkom - Scania 8x4 wrecker - 2

Falkom - Scania 8x4 wrecker - 3

The big winches are made by Sepson, a Swedish company.

Falkom - Scania 8x4 wrecker - 4

Destination, after all is said and done: the UK.

Falkom - Scania 10x4 - 1

Falkom - Scania 10x4 - 2

Falkom - Scania 10x4 - 3

Falkom - Scania 10x4 - 4

What a mighty piece of machinery! This 770 hp brute was ordered by the local Scania dealership.

Falkom - Volvo 10x4 - 1

Falkom - Volvo 10x4 - 2

Falkom - Volvo 10x4 - 3

Falkom - Volvo 10x4 - 4

Falkom - Volvo 10x4 - 5

I’ve never seen anything like this before, I guess its job is moving mountains in Switzerland.

Falkom - Scania 8x4*4

Too bad, I forgot to take a picture of the drawing on this Scania 8×4*4 with a Fassi crane, IIRC.

Falkom - Slider deck trucks under construction

On the opposite side of the same shop floor, a line-up of sliding deck recovery trucks, almost completed.

Outside, in the lot, was a new Iveco Daily 70C18 with a sliding deck on display.

Falkom - Iveco Daily 70C18 double cab with sliding deck

The double cab Daily is rated at 7,000 kg GVW (15,400 lbs) -hence the number 70 in its model designation- which means it’s the heaviest of the range.

Falkom - slider deck - 1

Falkom -slider deck - 2

The Iveco is equipped with a FAS 3000 system, the lightest in Falkom’s class of sliding decks.

Falkom - red Scania 8x4 wrecker - 1

As for the heavy wreckers, this project, based on a Scania 8×4, seems to be in its final stage of production.

Falkom - red Scania 8x4 wrecker - 2

The outrigger on the right side, directly behind the cab.

Falkom - red Scania 8x4 wrecker - 3

There you go, FAW 25000, so a wrecker with 25,000 kg (55,000 lbs) lifting capacity. Falkom’s heaviest wrecker is the FAW 30000, go figure!

All pictures in the upcoming report, aka part two, were taken under a bright blue sky. Many sliding deck trucks and wreckers were present, driven to the event by their owners from the Netherlands and abroad. And there were sliding deck, wrecker and rotator demonstrations, so stay tuned!