Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Dodge Coronado – The A-Body Lived On, Until 1981 In Argentina

Jose Luis Herrera sent me these shots of an Argentine Dodge Coronado, which was built there from 1968 or 1969 all the way to 1981. It’s a restyled Dodge Dart, and it was essentially Chrysler’s top tier car in Argentina. It was also built as the Dodge  3700 GT in Spain, by Chrysler affiliate Barrieros. Goodies such as disc brakes and a four speed stick were part of the equation, along with the 225 (3.7 L) slant six.

Here’s a look at its rear end. It was a tasteful restyle, presumably done in Argentina.

The front end varied a bit over the years, this one sporting Euro-style composite headlights (I assume).


Here’s an ad or brochure page, with its specs. I might have expected a higher-output version of the slant six, but it appears to be the same 145 hp version we got, minus any emission controls.

Jose suggested that the Coronado was something of a restyled B-Body Coronet; not so; it’s based on the A-Body Dart, with its 111″ wheelbase.