CC Global Outtakes: FNM Onça and Furia – The Brazilian Mustang and Lamborghini Jarama

FNM Onca 1966 Roger MachadoOnça images by Roger Machado

(first posted 6/1/2015)    Rubens’ excellent history on FNM‘s Alfa Romeo cars and trucks in Brazil has two minor omissions: two low-volume coupes built on the FNM 2000 and 2150 platforms. In both cases, the designers, such as they were, relied heavily on existing cars. I’ll let you guess what inspired the Onça.

FNM Onca 1966 Roger Machado

I also won’t have to show you its source of inspiration, as the Mustang is indelibly etched into everyone’s mind. The Onça arrived in 1966, or two years after the first Mustang. There’s not much info other than it was all FNM 2000 under its…borrowed skin.

FNM Furia

The Furia 2150 arrived in 1971, and is credited to Brazilian designer Toni Bianco. But I’m not sure what we should credit him for, as the Furia is obviously a cribbed Lamborghini Jarama. And not a very well-done crib at that. I’m sure FNM was working with very limited resources.

Lamborghini jarama

In case you’re not quite as familiar with the Jarama, one of the lesser-known and loved Lambos, here’s one. It even has its half-headlight covers open, which makes the similarity even greater.